Adam Richman on Summer Food Truck Tour


Red Stag by Jim Beam is teaming up with Adam Richman, food explorer and star of the Travel Channel show Man v Food, on a Track the Red Stag Food Truck Tour this summer.

Richman has created menu items inspired by the Honey Tea, Spiced, and Black Cherry Red Stag flavors, like Kentucky honey tea sliders, which are white-meat turkey sliders basted with Red Stag Honey Tea butter.

Other unexpected dishes include candied bacon and whipped sweet potato with ricotta cheese, candied bacon, and Red Stag Honey Tea butter paired with a sweet and fresh lemon, orange, and cinnamon cocktail.

Red Stag Honey Tea, Spiced, and Black Cherry are crafted with 4-year-old Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey as a base and infused with natural flavors. All three expressions are 80-proof bourbons.

Other treats prepared by Richman include crispy dates with Red Stag Spiced, prosciutto, and blue cheese mix, paired with a Red Stag Spiced cocktail featuring balsamic vinegar and a lemon twist, and a bread pudding made with Red Stag Spiced complemented with a cream, coffee, and Red Stag Spiced cocktail with an extra pinch of cinnamon.

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