With literally thousands of mobile food vendors throughout the country, only a select few have taken their branding and food theme to the next level by dressing the part. We scoured the internet and were only able to track down three such vendors (if there are more, please let us know).

Fojol Bros. – Washington DC

A traveling culinary carnival. Twitter






Tamalespaceship – Chicago, IL

The tamalespaceship is a food truck spired by the mexican Luchadores (Wrestlers) our mission is to provide aunthentic and nutritious Mexican food. Twitter






The Frankenstand – Los Angeles, CA

A Spooky Theme Plant-Based Cuisine. Twitter






Today’s poll is set up to find out who our readers feel has the most creative, or outrageous costumes they wear while serving up delectable delights to their customers.

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We will keep the poll up over the weekend and will share the results sometime next week.