Kimberly James

Kimberly James owns Blues City Biscuits in Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Memphis, the unofficial capital of Mississippi, and most of her family is originally from Mississippi. So I’ve always loved its state flower, the magnolia.

Her late grandmother was the greatest cook in the history of Southern home cooking, and she was also the last of the great steel magnolias – strong, beautiful Southern ladies who disguise their strength with grace and delicacy.

Kimberly got this tattoo some years ago as a salute to her heritage and also as a reminder to try and live up to her grandmother’s example. The blue shading represents the Memphis blues, which is what she named my cart for. She inked this symbol right on her heart line and can see it every day, and she thinks it’s a big part of who she is and the  old-school Southern food she cooks.


Twitter: @BCBiscuits
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