Ludo Lefebvre

Cody Pickens (photographer)

His collection of more than 25 tattoos has been curated for the past 15 years. Lefebvre’s torso and limbs have become a junk drawer of permanent mementos. Some things are meaningful, like a tattoo of his sister’s name, a Buddhist prayer, and his LudoBites logo—and some things he can’t remember his reason for adding, like the four dragon tattoos strewn around his frame. But Lefebvre’s most treasured design is a heart around his wife’s name with a crucifix that is stamped on his chest. Lefebvre’s chum Vince Neil (of Mötley Crüe) has a similar tattoo, making them sort of fraternal tattoo twins.


Twitter: @LudoTruck

Je ne suis pas un poulet! Chef Ludo Lefebvre with cleaver in hand brings his cutting-edge gastronomic cuisine to the streets in the form of a big red coq.

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