Stephen Redzinak ink

These are photos of “Sophies Gourmet Pierogi” owner’s (Stephen Redzinak) ink…

Stephen Redzinak Ink

A small collage of the holy trinity, tribal version of Christs face on shoulder, dove representing the holy spirit and Gods original name in Hebrew when he spoke to Moses on the mountain “Elohim”. On the forearm is Gods hands holding a cross with his son crucified on it. Hyssop flowers and a purple ribbon to represent Christs royalty.

Sophies Gourmet Pierogi is based in Columbus, OH that marries diverse cultures through a perfect dumpling. Their mission is to “Express life experiences through food. To create new experiences by by driving the “Gastrogi Revolution”.”

Sophies Gourmet Pierogi

Twitter: @SophsGastrogi

Gastrogi: The art or science of good eating by way of marrying diverse cultures through a perfect dumpling!

Columbus, Ohio ·

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