Inspecting your food truck daily is a simple and effective way to spot potentially dangerous issues or defects before your food truck hits the road for your next event. Because of this, food truck owners should have a system of routine daily food truck inspections in place to ensure that the vehicles in their food truck fleet are in good working order, safe and ready to roll at the start of each working day or work shift.

The price of correcting unexpected vehicle failure is always higher than the cost of preventing that failure in the first place. Well maintained food trucks give both business and safety benefits.

The Benefits Of Daily Food Truck Inspections

Food trucks that are well maintained and regularly checked are more reliable,  cheaper to run and have higher residual resale value.

The direct business benefits for vendors are:

  • less downtime
  • better fuel efficiency
  • more reliable customer service
  • longer vehicle life span
  • reduced transport costs
  • better company/brand image

Safety benefits include:

  • improved driver safety
  • safer driver working environment (workplace)
  • less collisions
  • fewer injuries to the driver, passengers and other road users

We have developed this free daily food truck checklist for vendors to download for your use.

FREE Daily Food Truck Inspection Checklist (click the button below)

Please Note: This checklist is for the truck shell and does not include a kitchen checklist.

In order for you and your food truck staff to do the inspection consistently and correctly, allow the time needed (5 minutes) and address any safety related problems on the truck that need to be repaired before you hit the road. Allow the inspector to remove an unsafe truck from service, and get it repaired right away. Never make an employee drive an unsafe vehicle while you’re waiting for the repair technician. Instead remove it from service and get it repaired.

Do you require daily food truck inspections in your mobile food business? Do you have any additional line items we should include in our checklist? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter