When outfitting their food truck kitchens most mobile food vendors have a multitude of options. Before you head out to start shopping, you’ll need to create a full list of the restaurant equipment your truck will require.

Once you have made a list of everything you think you will need to open your food truck. Run through your business plan, your food truck concept and any preliminary menus you’ve created in your head. This will help you with as complete as possible list of restaurant equipment your food truck will need.

3 tips for outfitting your food truck with restaurant equipment

No matter what option you choose for acquiring this equipment: lease, or buy  it new or used, here are our tips.

Research your options.

Besides finding local food trucks or restaurants that have recently closed, check out online restaurant retailers for deals. Look up auction houses that sell used kitchen equipment to find upcoming auctions

You don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Select simple pieces of restaurant equipment. If you pick up one of the high end options, they just present more opportunities for something to break. A simple gas oven may not sound as fancy as a dual convection oven with internal thermal sensors, but consider waiting until you have established your brand and have a good cash reserve to upgrade in the future.

Learn how to haggle.

Unlike original equipment manufacturers, dealers who sell used restaurant equipment are willing to negotiate prices just to get an item off their sales floor. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for freebies. If you end up purchasing multiple pieces of restaurant equipment from the same place,  if you ask, there’s a chance they will toss in something like a prep table if you are buying several larger pieces of equipment.

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The Bottom Line

When selecting equipment, for your truck quality is the most important factor to consider. High quality and proper maintenance leads to long lasting equipment and safe usage without the fear of breakage.

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