When you offer your food truck customers the right choices, you create memorable experiences that increase the value of your mobile food business brand.

customer choices

Offering the wrong choices can keep customers away from your service window. So, the challenge is determining which are the right choices for your customers.

It turns out the best choices you can offer your customers are those that allow them to personalize their experience with your business in a small way.

Why Up-selling May Be The Wrong Direction – Customers Want a Choice

Food service providers have historically used choice to bundle their menu products. This is known as up-selling.

The value in this approach is a better price for the consumer, and thus is exactly why up-selling discount packages is a poor choice. Bundling conditions your customers to be price sensitive.

Offering incentives for bundling can actually devalue your food truck menu if there is not a logical reason for it.

Most consumers recognize bundling as an approach that favors the business. The classic example is the super-sized combo meal.

Bundling conditions your customers to focus on the lowest common denominator – price.

Will that get your customers talking up their experience with your food truck? Don’t count on it.

Small Choices Allow Your Customers to Personalize Their Experience

At most food trucks, you choose your meal from selected offerings – what they do well. As an example, let’s look at trucks that sell burgers. For most of them, the choices are usually two:  regular and large – and with or without cheese.

This model provides customers with a simple first choice. Then the fun begins.

You get to personalize your order by choosing from extra toppings that are all FREE. This ranges from lettuce and tomato to fresh jalapenos and various sauces.

Now don’t worry about the customer that piles on all of the items…those costs become minimal. The net result is that the customer appreciates the added value and feels great about getting just what they wanted. The truck is now on its way to building personal relationships with their customers.

When you have your customers make easy choices you engage them in a collaboration – one that is interactive, inherently personal – and therefore, memorable.

Contrast that with the how fast food restaurants operate. If a customer asks nicely, they allow the order to be customized – mostly by deleting ingredients you do not like.

Isn’t it better to offer positive choices to the consumer that add value than permitting choices that devalue your menu items? Should a customer pay the same when it gets less? The key is making it their choice – then its ok.

So what is the burger and bun on your food truck menu? Once you have that figured out, now just add the right choices for your customers to customize their order –little ones that add big value for your customer.