As simple as it seems, naming your meeting rooms can greatly impact your organization’s well-being, innovation and creativity. Meeting rooms can also describe the company’s culture, mission or values. 

Even globally recognized brands put thought into determining their meeting room names. For example, Instagram uses Game of Thrones characters names while Nike uses popular athletes, such as Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, and Tiger Woods. If you manage a franchise restaurant group, you could name meeting rooms after famous chefs like Guy Fieri or James Beard. 

I understand how challenging it is to come up with a name in a professional setting so I went ahead and did some of the initial brainstorming on your behalf. Below are more than 201 conference and meeting room name ideas you can use to set the tone of a meeting. Scroll down for name ideas divided into specific categories, depending on your goals.

Conference Name Ideas

Let’s face it, conference room #11 is a pretty boring description. By adding a name, the space becomes more engaging and memorable for employees. If you want more colleagues to remember where you’re meeting this afternoon, here are some suggestions.

  • The Expert Conference
  • The Millennial Conference
  • Pros And Conference
  • The Accountability Actions
  • The Filing Cabinet
  • Conference Construct
  • Diversity Conferences
  • Build Your Base
  • Conference Creativity
  • She Leads Conference
  • Fully Immersive
  • Innovation Round Table
  • Collected Conference Insider Sessions
  • Leadership Levels
  • Conference Offense
  • Breaking Boundaries
  • Prose And Pros
  • Discuss Success

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  • Come One Come All
  • Better Business
  • Conference Concept
  • Conference Reconstruction
  • The Leadership Conference
  • The Leadership Insider
  • The Fortitude Forum
  • Allstar Conference
  • Preach Your Pitch
  • Banquets And More
  • Leadership Levels
  • Name It Do It
  • The Conference Shape
  • Timely Meetings
  • Sessions For Success
  • More Than A Meeting
  • Conference Communications
  • The Interstate Conference
  • Follow The Leader
  • Limitless Boundaries Conference
  • The Scholar’s Conference
  • Contact High
  • The Conference Collective

Meeting Room Name Ideas

Scroll down now to see some fantastic meeting room names that you can use.

  • Decision Accelerator
  • Skynet
  • Room 237
  • The Sane Room
  • Visionary Vista Facilitated Learning Space
  • The Pressure Cooker
  • Prefrontal Engagement
  • Cranium Focus
  • The Noodling Space
  • The Transparency Room
  • The Decision Cave
  • Hospitality Hub
  • The (Blow Off) Steam Room
  • The Training Room
  • Mind Expansion Mansion
  • The ABC Room
  • Gathering Intel
  • Sharing Sessions
  • Inside Leadership
  • Room for Better Business
  • The Growth Room
  • Decisive Actions
  • Breakout Session
  • Power Presentations
  • Break Out Into Business
  • Attraction Attention!
  • Walk In Meetings
  • Crown Down
  • Dumbledore’s Office
  • The Freedom Room
  • Healthy Blossom
  • The Orion Room
  • The Learning Loft
  • The Focus Room
  • Locked In
  • The Discussion Chamber
  • Business In Focus
  • Level Up
  • Agenda Approval
  • Name Your Breakout
  • Place of Success

Inspirational Meeting Room Names

As said earlier, naming a room can make all the difference. But using an inspirationally-related name can add to that. Each of these meeting room names is designed to keep your employees inspired.

  • The Inspire Room
  • Successful Meetings
  • On Point Success
  • Never Surrender
  • The Preparation Room
  • Company Dream
  • The Hopeful Room
  • Success Babies
  • Achieving The Vision
  • Today’s Growth
  • The Germination Potential
  • Room of Leaders
  • Room for Growth
  • The Grit and Grind Room
  • Evident Success
  • The Ideation Zone
  • The Inspiration Station
  • Everyone’s Room
  • Meeting Of The Minds
  • The Meeting House
  • Pound For Pound
  • The Center Of It All
  • Presentation Success
  • The Dream Room
  • Collective IQ Room
  • Territory of Success
  • The Prosperity Arena
  • The Triumph Sphere
  • Effective Agenda Presentation
  • Forefront of Change
  • Keys to Success
  • Platinum Room
  • Room of Winners
  • Strength For The Globe
  • The New Beginning Meeting Room
  • Gathering Insights
  • The Success Team
  • Inspiration Engagement
  • The Success Paradise
  • Inspire The World

Motivational Meeting Room Names

Nothing speaks motivation then having a room named after it. Scroll down now to see a few motivational meeting room names to drive your team.

  • The Monday Motivation
  • The New Minds Meeting Room
  • Rejuvenated Direction
  • Solution For The Future
  • Rendezvous For Expanding Giant Minds
  • Safe Spaces
  • Preach Your Pitch Presentations
  • The Up And Coming
  • Change Plus
  • Meet For Focus
  • The Final Projects Room
  • A Million Brand
  • Get Your Chance Presentations
  • The Real Force
  • Better Rules
  • Customer Meets Company
  • Meet For Motivation
  • Breaking Bounds
  • The Company Forefront
  • The Mainframe Case
  • Piece For Peace
  • Platform Success
  • One More Step
  • The Next Move
  • Shoot Your Shot
  • Speak To Preach
  • The Get On Boardroom
  • Meet Me Halfway
  • Motivational Speaking
  • The Right Way
  • The Inspiring Platform
  • Place For Winners
  • Meet For The Future
  • The Team’s Success
  • The Trophy Room
  • Motivational Minutes
  • Desiring Success
  • All The Right Moves
  • Speak Freely
  • The Freedom Platform

Engineering Conference Room Names

If you work at an engineering firm then you might want to use these technical terms to name your conference room. Here are some thoughts. 

  • The Arc Room
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • The Surveying Room
  • Bond Strength
  • The British Thermal Unit
  • The Electric Connection
  • The Semiconductor Corner
  • The Thermal Expansion Room
  • Professional Engineers
  • The Coefficient Room
  • Compressive Strength
  • The Conductivity Platform
  • The Diesel Engine
  • The Main Circuit Board
  • The Copper Clad
  • Math Of It All
  • Total Bionics
  • Technological Minds
  • The Stability Room
  • The Inventors Round Table
  • Logistics Platform
  • Squared Minds Area
  • Anything Is Possible
  • The Company’s Equilibrium
  • The Fiber Summit
  • Flashpoint Paradox
  • The Flexural Strength Room
  • Tomorrow’s Builders
  • Schematic Of Operations
  • The Engine Room
  • The Locomotive Motion
  • Formulation Plan
  • The Glass Fiber Zone
  • Impact Resistance
  • Motivational Resistance
  • Seismic Opportunities
  • The Engineer’s Call
  • The High Pressure Room
  • Reinforcement Sphere
  • Shear Strength Meeting Room
  • Company’s Strength
  • Precious Conduct
  • The Success Schematic

Funny Conference Room Names

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I most certainly do. So, here are more than a few funny conference room names that you can use to get the pressure off the meeting itself. These can also serve as a conversation piece if you have external guests. 

  • Nicolas Cage
  • Leaders Think Space
  • Who Should We Fire Meeting?
  • Meeting about the Meeting
  • Secret Conference Room
  • A Personal Affair
  • The Noggin Chamber
  • Meet at Home
  • Lazy and Laid Off
  • Yawn Meeting
  • The Chamber Of Secrets
  • Tiny House for Big Ideas
  • Millennium Falcon-ference Room
  • Toe Tapping Territory
  • The Einstein Room
  • Butt Kissing Hour
  • The Hot Air Meeting
  • Peak Performances
  • Video Off AM Meeting
  • Krypton HQ
  • Bedroom Banter
  • Ruins Of Valhalla
  • Listen to Me Talk for 60 Minutes
  • Mordor
  • Just The Meeting Room
  • Famous Squares
  • No Escape
  • G-Meet
  • The No Phone Zone
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Wine and Cheese Room
  • Just Do Meetings
  • Kitchen Table Connection
  • Prosciutto Cream Cheese Apple (PCCA)
  • Pitch Place Toe
  • The Banana Pudding Room
  • Nick Cannon’s Penthouse
  • You Are Here
  • The Buckingham Palace
  • The Cordial Water
  • The Watchtower
  • Wembley Stadium
  • Jazz Hands
  • King’s Landing Meeting Room
  • Easy Orientation
  • The Red Velvet
  • The Pop In Meeting Place
  • United Nations
  • The Meeting Network
  • The Oakland Group
  • The Fortress Of Solitude
  • Small Room For Large Futures

Zoom Conference Room Names

An increasing number of meetings are being held online with team members in multiple locations. Physical meetings have turned into Zoom meetings. This insanely popular video conference’s mobile app was downloaded 485 million times in 2020 alone.

If you’re planning to create a room for your Zoom meetings, here are a few names you can use.

  • Online Meet Ups
  • Tele-meeting Summit
  • Your Camera is Off Conference
  • The Digital Space
  • The Virtual Cast Rock
  • Let’s Zoom Out
  • Think Outside The Digital Space
  • The Think Tank
  • Keyboard Cat
  • The Office Filing Cabinet
  • The Bat Cave
  • The Teleconference Meet Up
  • Tabernacle Square
  • Broadband Talking Points
  • Zoom Mountain
  • Millennial Babies
  • Keys on Main
  • The National Chat
  • The Virtual Room
  • Remote Talks
  • The Golden Arch
  • Online Sphere
  • The Digital Ninjas
  • It’s 5 O’Clock World
  • Friends Of Central Perk
  • The Virtual Gateway
  • The Chicago Sports Team
  • The Online Beliebers
  • The Vocal Arena
  • Torque Zoom Meeting Room
  • Hipster Babies
  • Online Work Culture
  • The Palace of Harmony
  • Virtual Coffee Meet Up
  • The Digital Conference
  • Online Projects
  • Digital Ideas Hall
  • Decisions HQ
  • The Rolling Scones
  • Rocking Room
  • The Thinking Space
  • Tune Arena
  • The Alpha Room

There you go; more than 201 of the smartest conference and meeting room ideas. Who knew a name could make a lot of difference when you have your meetings? A stand-out name can help set the tone, put participants at ease, and make the conversation more conducive.

Meetings by the Numbers

Meetings, whether we like it or not, are a core part of our work life. Whether you work in sales, food service, or as a digital consultant, you probably attend at least one meeting at work each day. Meetings of course are essential to operating a successful company.

Employees must be notified in changes to work flows, processes, or technology in order to do their job effectively. Holding a meeting is a smart way to communicate process changes when you have everyones attention. This also provides the opportunity to answer any staff questions about change. 

Meetings help employees feel included as being part of a larger team too. These daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, what have you, gatherings are fuel that runs the organization. However, meetings only provide benefits when organized the right way.

Yes, meetings are vital to a corporation, but they can also reduce productivity and the numbers clearly show it. According to Atlassian, executives consider 67% of meetings to be a failure when it comes to communicating the sole purpose of conducting them. Does this stat surprise you?

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Aside from that, a survey of 182 senior managers found that 71% of meetings are unproductive. All in all, these ineffective meetings cost professionals a reported 31 hours of work time, which is about 4 days of work in total. That is a lot of time and money lost, which could have been invested toward productive tasks.

So, the question is how do we make meetings more effective? To start, understand whether or not holding a meeting is necessary. Sometimes meetings could be summarized in a short email. If matter at hand is not important or doesn’t require discussion then it’s best not to conduct a meeting about it. 

Another component of a productive meeting is an agreed upon agenda prior to the meeting start. This provides employees time for reflection on a wide range of subjects prior to talking about the topic. This framework also provides a mental structure for participants. 

Another basic tip is to make a clear start and end time. When you have multiple topics to discuss, start with the important ones first. After each talking point, summarize each item and ask if everyone is in agreement before proceeding.

Another key step comes after the meeting. Be sure to assign responsibility for the actions your team has agreed on and set deadlines for them in a wrap up email. This is really important. I’m sure you can think of a half dozen times when a meeting was held, but no one took away any action steps. 

On top of that, a summary email prevents any future misunderstandings with coworkers. If the meeting isn’t documented in writing, attendees may forget what was agreed upon as next steps. This record also makes deadlines and responsibilities clear. It’s the best accountability tool I know of in corporate America. 

Now that we have covered a brief summary of how you can make a meeting effective, it’s time to move on to another important aspect of a meeting the room. Your conference or meeting room needs to be conducive for meetings so everyone stays focused. Do your best to make sure there are no distractions in these rooms. Everyone should agree to keep cell phones down and laptops closed so they can focus on the meeting at hand. 

It’s perfectly natural to want to knock out a couple of emails during a meeting. But try you best to stay attentive to the conversation at hand and the people in front of you during this time. You’ll get more accomplished and build better connections if you do.