In basic terms, brand positioning is the process of positioning your food truck’s brand in the mind of your customers. Brand positioning is the idea of identifying and working to build a marketing niche for your food truck brand using various strategies including pricing, promotions, packaging, and competition.

The goal is to create a unique impression in the consumers mind so that they associate something specific and desirable with your food truck that is distinct from other food truck in your local market.

Developing Brand Positioning (BPS) For Your Food Truck

Just in case you are worried that you haven’t spent any time on your food truck’s brand positioning, don’t! Brand positioning takes place whether or not you’ve been proactive in developing a position. This can be good or bad depending on how your brand has already been perceived by the public.

Brand Positioning Statements Aren’t Taglines

Brand positioning statements are often confused with food truck taglines or slogans. Positioning statements are for your internal use. These statements guide the marketing and operating decisions of your food truck business. A bps helps you make key decisions that affect your customer’s perception of your food truck brand.

A tag line is an external statement used in your food truck marketing. The insights you gain from your positioning statement can be converted into a tagline, but it is important to distinguish between the two.

6 Step Brand Positioning Process

In order to create a bps, you must first identify your food truck’s uniqueness and determine what separates you from your competition.

  1. Determine how your food truck brand is currently positioned.
  2. Identify your food truck’s direct competitors.
  3. Understand how each competitor positions their brand.
  4. Compare your positioning to your competitors to identify how you are unique.
  5. Create a bps.
  6. Test your bps.

What Is A Food Truck’s BPS?

A food truck positioning statement is a one or two sentence statement that explains your food truck’s unique value to your customers in relation to your main food truck competitors.

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How To Create A Food Truck BPS

There are four essential elements of a brand positioning statement:

  • Target Customer. What is a concise summary of the demographic description of the target group of customers your food truck is attempting to serve?
  • Market Definition. What category of cuisine is your food truck competing in and in what context does your food truck have relevance to your customers?
  • Brand Promise. What is the most compelling (emotional/rational) benefit to your target customers that your food truck can own relative to your competition?
  • Reason to Believe. What is the most compelling evidence that your food truck brand delivers on its brand promise?

After answering these four questions, you can craft your positioning statement:

For [target customers], [food truck name] is the [market definition] that delivers [brand promise] because only [company name] is [reason to believe].

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The Bottom Line

We hope that this article helps you develop a branding positioning statement for your food truck. If you have any questions or wish to continue the discussion on this topic, let us know in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter