It is simply not enough to be active on social media as a food truck vendor. You also need to have a handle on what is the buzz going on around your food truck brand. Social media is a powerful tool for engaging your prospective and existing customers. Every food truck from a startup to established mobile food business should use brand monitoring. It helps you to track what your prospects are expecting and maintaining strong relationships with them according to their interests and needs.

Monitoring thoughts, conversations and comments of local consumers will help you to take crucial business decisions confidently. Choosing a brand monitoring tool is quite easy as a lot of options are available online.

Brand Monitoring On Twitter

No matter what you have to say about your menu and services, people are going to have their own take on them. The issues is that they may be turning to Twitter to express their feelings.

Why Monitor Your Brand On Twitter

Research shows that two thirds of all public brand mentions on social media happen on Twitter. If that isn’t enough for you, here are a few more reasons.

  • Brand monitoring. You are able to see when and how people are engaging with. Learn when to share content and which content works best with your audience.
  • Crisis management. Monitoring your brand on Twitter won’t predict a crisis, but it can help you control one. Watching Twitter will help you find negative things people have said.
  • Industry analysis. Keep up to date about what our industry is talking about. This can help you figure out what content you should create.

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Brand Monitoring Tools For Twitter

Before you start actively marketing your food truck on Twitter, you should take some time to find the conversations that are taking place about your brand. These effective and easy-to-use tools can help you find out what people are tweeting about your food truck and thus your brand.

  • TwitterSearch: This is the official Twitter search page. Enter your brand name to search for conversations.
  • BackTweets: With this service, find out how many people are tweeting a given URL, which you can use to track your business’s URL.
  • Twilert: This is a great application that helps in social media scraping through regular email alerts. Setting up this application enables you to receive email alerts containing your food truck name.

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Cover All Of Your Bases

If you aren’t monitoring all mentions of your brand name, regardless of whether a user has forgotten to use your Twitter handle or not, you’re potentially missing out on a third of negative and positive feedback. It’s also important to track all variations and likely misspellings of your food truck name. Followers aren’t as worried about getting your food truck’s name right as you are.

The Bottom Line

To claim success in today’s food truck industry, it is crucial to understand your customers, and the industry. This is where the concept of brand monitoring comes into play. Using the social media to promote and monitor your brand helps you discover new opportunities, uncover pain points, and create new revenue streams. It advises on what the people in your community are looking for and what your competitors are currently up to.

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