According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, 13,000 florist shops are operating in the United States with each one grossing $322,000 on average per year. During my research, I also discovered the flower industry generates about $8 billion per year by measuring the revenues of cut flowers. This industry directly employs approximately 95,000 people each year.

If you plan to start a flower shop business, you’ll need to first come up with a brand name. That’s the entire goal of this piece. I will help you brainstorm a profitable flower shop name concept that isn’t claimed yet. 

Flower Shop Name Ideas

Here are some all-purpose flower shop name ideas that could really take root and bloom for you.

  • Bloom Culture Co.
  • Five-Star Blooms, Inc.
  • Garden Dreams
  • Meadow Ville
  • The Floral Clinic
  • Floral World, Inc.
  • Designer Flowers Co.
  • The Nature Rose
  • Order Blossoms
  • Passionate Blooms, Inc.
  • Art Of Blossoming
  • The Flower Zen
  • Thorn & Roses
  • Petal Sugah
  • The Tiny Flower Shop
  • 444 Petals
  • Roses Retail Shop
  • Petal Country
  • ABC’s Florals, Inc.
  • Delicate Thorns
  • Floral Champ
  • Bloom Queens
  • Kiss Me Blooms
  • Heavenly Florals, Inc.
  • Flowers 4ever
  • Fragrant Petals Co.
  • In-Bloom Flower Shop
  • Ravishing Flowers, Inc.
  • Charm & Bloom
  • Flower Shower
  • Agent Bloom
  • Pink Petals Co.
  • Bloom Pros, Inc.
  • Dusk & Dawn Blooms
  • Flower Shopper
  • Glittering Blooms, Inc.
  • Bloom Harvest
  • Petal Mama, Inc.
  • The Good Buds
  • Floral Fairytale
  • Bloom Tales
  • Mrs. Florist, Inc.
  • Hello Florals
  • Floral Terrain
  • Sweet Thorns
  • Home Of Petals
  • Flower Babes Co.
  • Candy Carnations
  • Mother’s Love Flower Shop
  • Fancy Floral, Inc.
  • Happy Harvest
  • Flower Sage
  • Master Flower
  • Petal Kingdom, Inc.
  • Wildly Blooms Co.
  • Sunny Side Blooms
  • Doc Blooms, Inc.
  • Charice The Florist Co.
  • The Floral Wish

Funny Flower Shop Name Ideas

A funny brand business name, may not be the best strategy for every business. But if it matches your personality, I say go for it. This approach can be disarming and memorable at the same time. 

  • A Star Is Thorn
  • Life Rose On
  • Spells Of Daisy-ness (Dizziness)
  • Okay, Bloomer
  • Daisy’d And Confused (Dazed And Confused)
  • Be Gene-Rose
  • Once And Floral (Once And For All)
  • You Grow Girl!
  • On The Bright Seed. (On The Bright Side)
  • How’s It Growing?
  • Oopsy Daisy, Inc.
  • You’ll Be Vine 
  • Rein-Carnation Blooms, Inc.
  • Doom Bloom Flower Shop
  • I Clover (Love Her) Flower Shop
  • Ultra-Violet Flower Shop
  • A Lily More Flower Shop
  • Iris-istible Blooms, Inc.
  • Head Clover Heels
  • Rose To Occasion
  • Wild(Flower) About You
  • Don’t Stop Be-Leafing
  • Sexy And I Grow It
  • Take It Or Leaf It.
  • Have You Botany? (Have You Bought Any?)
  • Bloom Bud-dies, Inc.
  • A Flower-ful Love
  • A Need For Seed
  • How I Field
  • You’re Gonna Be Bouquet
  • Your Garden Angel (Your Guardian Angel)
  • Let’s Be Lily Happy
  • The Rose-Lution, Inc.
  • What’s Stomata? (What’s The Matter)
  • Unbe-Leaf-able Blooms
  • Let’s Suc-seed
  • Rose Were The Days!

Southern Flower Shop Name Ideas

Florist preparing a flower arrangement.

If you are trying to develop your business name, you can also follow a formula or pattern. For example, you could make use of the name of your region + things related to gardens, name + words related to flowers, adjective + type of flower, etc. These patterns can help you generate ideas quickly.

  • Bloom Of The South
  • The Southernmost Florals
  • Gulf Island Blooms
  • Falling Waters Flower Shop
  • Everglades Blooms, Co.
  • Riverwalk Blooms, Inc
  • Rock City Florist, Inc.
  • Ocean City Florals 
  • Havre De Grace Florist
  • Harford County Blooms
  • Florida Florals
  • Miami Blossoms Co.
  • Marine Drive Florist
  • Oak Alley Blooms
  • Fields Of The South
  • Old Salem Florals, Inc.
  • Blue Ridge Florals
  • Southern Gardens Florist

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  • Myrtle Beach Blooms
  • South Town Flower Shop
  • Rainbow Row Blooms
  • Bay Street Florist
  • Virginia Beach Flower Shop
  • Richmond Blooms Co.
  • Monticello Florist, Inc.
  • Old Town Blooms
  • Skyline Drive Florist
  • Cape Henry Floral Shop
  • Lavender Fields Florist
  • Mount Vernon Blooms
  • Shenandoah Floral Shop
  • Dream Lake Blooms, Inc.
  • Evergreen Blooms Co.
  • Petals Of The South
  • San Antonio Blooms
  • Scenic Drive Floral
  • Fort Worth Flower Shop

Flower Stand Name Ideas

You might prefer putting up a flower stand rather than a shop. If you’re planning on starting one and have no idea what to name it, there are a few name suggestions for you.

  • The Bloom Boulevard
  • Sunrise Blooms Co.
  • The Flower Dealer
  • Ethereal Flowers Co.
  • The Florist Lane, Inc.
  • Bloom Yard, Inc.
  • Fifty Shades Of Blooms
  • The Lucky Blooms
  • Pretty Bee, Co.
  • The Neighborhood Florist
  • Popsy’s Petals, Inc.
  • So Fab Flowers
  • Floral Bliss
  • Deezy Daisy Flowers
  • Spectrum Flowers
  • Divine Blooms Flower Stand
  • The Gentle Florist
  • True Blossoms
  • Glowville Florist Co.
  • Bloom Galore Inc.
  • Petals To Go
  • Zenith Flowers, Inc.
  • Petals & Thorns
  • Apex Blooms
  • Lush Floral
  • Blooms For All
  • Promised Blooms
  • The Floral Course
  • The Petal Universe
  • Blossom Touch, Inc.
  • Shades Of Lily
  • Florist Hideout
  • Calla Lily’s Flower Stand
  • Hillside Florist
  • Petal Cosmos
  • Zen Blooms Co.
  • Infinite Blooms, Inc.
  • The Florist Zone
  • Bloom Touch
  • Hello Florist Co.
  • Twigs & Petals, Inc.
  • Target Blooms
  • Eco Bloom Flowers
  • Euphoric Blooms
  • 44th Block Flowers
  • Ruby Blooms, Inc.
  • Lumina Flower Shop
  • Bloom Vibe Flowers
  • The Capital Blooms
  • Floral Heroes Co.
  • The Alchemist Blooms
  • Liberty Florals
  • Comet Florals
  • Galaxy Blooms Co.
  • Supernova Flowers
  • Fortune Blooms
  • Project Happy Blooms
  • Eternity Florals Co.

Flower Field Name Ideas

Eye-captivating pink and white tulips!

Flower fields are a popular destination for tourists from around the world. If you are a florist who wants to open your farm to locals and tourists, this business opportunity could be for you. 

  • Angel’s Bloom Ranch
  • Gardener’s Zone
  • Ethereal Flower Fields
  • Project Meadow 
  • The Zen Garden
  • Nature’s Flower Fields
  • Heaven’s Botanic Valley
  • The Florist’s Botanicals
  • Floral Solutions
  • Botanic Blvd.
  • Gardener’s Street
  • Mountainside Fields
  • Cloud Nine Bloom Garden
  • Botanic Kingdom Flower Fields
  • Bloom Moments
  • Flower Fields Farm 
  • Heaven Green Acres
  • Florist’s Acres
  • Azalea’s Ranch
  • Delicate Blooms
  • Eden Bloom Garden
  • The Green Thumb’s Garden
  • Floral Bliss Garden
  • Bloom Valley
  • Infinite Botanics
  • Yellow Haze Garden
  • Sapphire Flower Acres
  • Nirvana Tulip Farm
  • Nostalgia Lavender Garden
  • Crystal Valley
  • Busy Bee Fields
  • Secret Haven Acres
  • Crazy Daisies Valley
  • Bloomerang Ranch
  • All In Bloom Farm
  • Hummingbird Blooms
  • Tulips & More
  • Wild Buds Valley
  • The Petal Theory Farm
  • Sunny Day Blvd.
  • The Flower Vision
  • Petal Stories Valley
  • Enchanted Flower Farm
  • Field Of Dreams
  • Twilight Zone Valley
  • Purple Medley Flower Field
  • Flower Ocean
  • Rainbow Sea Flower Acres
  • Blue Hues Flower Valley
  • Harmony Petals Flower Field
  • Petal Last Valley
  • Casanova Tulip Farm
  • Petal Romance Blooms

Online Flower Shop Name Ideas

Flower industry thriving in the digital marketplace.

Many customers prefer to shop for nearly all products online instead of in-stores mainly because of the increased convenience, wider reach, and lower overhead. If you’re launching a digital flower shop, check out these suggestions. 

  • The Petal Catalog
  • The Flower De-Leaf-Ery
  • Bloom Cybershop
  • Virtual Florist Co.
  • Dahlia’s World
  • Forget Me Not, Inc.
  • Hyacinth’s Online Shop
  • Hello Heather Co.
  • Jasmine’s Flower World
  • The Online Bouquet
  • Peace, Lily Co.
  • A-Z Online Flower Shop
  • Cosmos Petal Universe
  • Bloom Gems
  • The Fast Florist
  • iBloom Flower Shop
  • Urban Petals Dot Com
  • Cyber Bloom
  • Carnation Nation 
  • Little Lillies Co. 
  • E-Flowers, Inc.
  • Anytime Flowers
  • Daisy Deluxe Flower Shop
  • Bloom Galaxy
  • Floral Haven
  • Cloud Nine Blooms

Flower Shop Puns

A pun is a play on words in which the humor is in the word’s multiple meanings or similarity with another word with a different purpose. See my list below for flower shop puns if you want to incorporate a little humor into the brand name. 

  • Taken For Planted
  • Beyond Beleaf
  • Plant And Rave
  • The Smarty Plants
  • Nature Ordinary Day!
  • Rein-Carnation’s Real
  • Let’s Be Gene-Rose
  • Flower Power
  • Antidote To Daisy-ness
  • Some-Buddy To Love
  • Look On The Bright Seed
  • We’re The Best Buds
  • Change Of Plants!
  • Rose To The Occasion
  • The Rose-Searchers
  • I’ll Be Just Vine
  • I Clover So Much
  • He’s Head Clover Heels Over Her
  • How’s It Growing?
  • I Be-Leaf In You
  • Fruity Cit-Rose 
  • The Best Rose–Solution
  • The Blooming Industry
  • Last Bud Not Least
  • Take It Or Leaf It

French Flower Shop Names

The Middlemist Red is the world’s rarest flower.

In this section, I collected some name suggestions perfect for a French flower shop. 

  • Jolies Fleurs Co.
  • Fleurissons Flower Shop
  • Monde Floral
  • Rêves De Jardin
  • Épine & Roses
  • Le Pays Des Pétales
  • Reines Fleuries
  • Fleurs Célestes
  • Fleurs Pour Toujours
  • Pétales Roses
  • Charme & Floraison
  • Récolte De Fleurs
  • Reine Des Pétales
  • Le Souhait Floral
  • Rue Des Fleurs
  • Lever Du Soleil Floral
  • Les Fleurs Promises
  • Des Fleurs Pour Tous
  • Paix Et Fleurs
  • Pays Des Merveilles Florales

Spanish Flower Shop Names

I collected some name ideas for a Spanish flower shop below.

  • Cultura De Floración
  • Sueños De Jardín
  • La Clínica Floral
  • Mundo Floral
  • El Zen De Las Flores
  • Espina Y Rosas
  • País De Pétalos
  • Reinas De La Floración
  • Flores Para Siempre
  • Agente Bloom Co.
  • Cuento De Hadas Floral
  • Espinas Dulces
  • Hogar De Pétalos
  • Floral Elegante Co.
  • Flor Maestra
  • Reino De Pétalos
  • El Bulevar De La Floración
  • Flores Etéreas
  • Las Flores De La Suerte
  • Felicidad Floral Co.

How to Come Up With Your Own Flower Shop Name?

A bouquet of flowers never fails to light up someone’s day.

Coming up with a brand name for a flower shop business isn’t alway easy. But fret not! Even if you didn’t find any name ideas you like above, I’ll share some of the timeless strategies for coming up with a distinct brand name.

Get into the right mindset.

Get some positive energy by going for a run, doing quick exercises, walking and sitting in the garden, talking with a good friend, or watching funny videos. Gathering a little positivity will boost your mood and put you into the right headspace before the brainstorming battle. Sometimes the best way to come up with a creative name idea is to step away from the problem for a bit. 

Form a list of possible flower shop names by brainstorming with someone else.

It’s best to brainstorm and consult with your business partner/s (if you ever have one) about the name of your flower shop business. Together, you can contribute ideas and words to develop your brand name. Two heads can be better than one. 

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Make use of a pattern.

As mentioned earlier, you can develop a pattern (i.e., region or location + things related to gardens, name + words related to flowers, adjective + type of flower, etc.) These patterns can help you generate ideas quickly. Mix and match words to see what type of creative ideas come out of the process. 

Use simple, descriptive words that are easy to remember.

Yes, you want customers to remember your name, but using unusual words to grab their attention is not the answer. It is critical to make sure your brand’s name sends the right brand message and doesn’t confuse your audience. Make sure you use words that are easy for customers to identify with your product or service, your company’s mission, and what they can expect from your brand.

Check the brand name’s availability.

If you consider a brand name, do some research to determine if other companies are already using the name because the last thing you want to face is a trademark suit. Several online tools can help you determine whether your desired name is available in your industry—I recommend using the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

How important is a name? The answer is that it matters a lot. The name of your business is the first thing that potential customers see. It is their first impression of you. When you make a terrible first impression, it’s hard to recover. I wish your future business plenty of sunshine and just the right amount of rain.