Trips to the ice skating rink are an annual winter tradition where I live. Each year, my daughter and I head to a small rink located in one of the nicer shopping malls called The Village. Our second favorite spot is in a pavilion that gets lit up with lights around the holidays and is surrounded by restaurants, breweries, and a cute coffee shop. Both rinks are packed from November – early March with skaters.

Are you thinking about building an ice skating business or just need to name a regional one where you live? I share some cute, festive, and seasonally appropriate names you can use for inspiration.

Skating Rink Names

Skating Rink Name Ideas

This comprehensive table now offers a variety of naming strategies, each with its unique appeal and thematic connection, providing a rich pool of ideas for naming a local ice rink.

Strategy Type Naming Strategy Description Name Examples
Winter-Themed Names that evoke the charm and elements of winter. Frost Glide Rink
Winter Whirl Ice Arena
Crystal Freeze Skating
Icy Echoes Pavilion
Snowflake Spin Rink
Blizzard Edge Ice Center
Chill Factor Skating Place
Arctic Swirl Ice Hall
Frostbitten Fantasy Rink
Winter’s Breath Skating Ground
Skating Technique Inspired Names inspired by specific ice skating moves and techniques. Triple Axel Ice Arena
Lutz Leap Skating Rink
Salchow Swirl Ice Center
Flip Jump Frolic Rink
Edge Glide Ice Garden
Toe Loop Terrace
Biellmann Spin Pavilion
Ina Bauer Ice Ground
Mazurka Glide Rink
Camel Spin Skating Haven
Location-Based Names that incorporate local landmarks, historical references, or geographical features. [Local Landmark] Ice Gardens[City Name] Skating Emporium[Historical Figure] Ice Pavilion[Local River] Glacial Rink[Regional Flora] Frost Arena[Neighborhood] Glide Center[Local Fauna] Ice Haven[Historic Year] Skating Plaza[Famous Local Event] Ice Hall[Local Park Name] Skating Spot
Commonly Used References Names that are commonly used or have a traditional connection to ice skating and rinks. Starlight Skating Arena
Miracle on Ice Rink
Glacier Glide Ice Park
Olympic Edge Skating Center
Diamond Ice Pavilion
Twilight Freeze Rink
Northern Lights Skating Arena
Icy Odyssey Pavilion
Frostbound Skating Center
Glacial Elegance Arena
Historical or Cultural References Names that refer to historical events, figures, or cultural elements, significant either locally or in the world of skating. Heritage Glide Hall
Legends of Frost Arena
Epoch Skating Pavilion
Mythos Ice Center
Heritage Twirl Rink
Odyssey on Ice
Saga Slide Arena
Chronicle Chill Rink
Folklore Frost Place
Tradition Twirl Ice Garden
Nature-Inspired Names inspired by natural elements, landscapes, or phenomena, connecting to the beauty and serenity of nature. Evergreen Glade Rink
Aurora Borealis Ice Hall
Misty Mountain Skating Arena
Whispering Pines Ice Center
Frozen Lake Pavilion
Silent Snowfall Rink
Cascade Crystal Ice Place
Northern Pine Skating Ground
Winterwood Frost Arena
Glacier Peak Skating Haven

Ice Skating Rink Names

  • Frosty’s Glide Arena
  • Elsa’s Enchanted Ice
  • Olaf’s Oasis Rink
  • Winter Palace Pavilion
  • Crystal Kingdom Skating
  • Blizzard Bliss Rink
  • Snowflake Serenity Arena
  • Arendelle Ice Gardens
  • Frozen Fantasy Rink
  • Icy Elegance Emporium
  • Snowman’s Spin Zone
  • Ice Queen’s Court
  • Winter’s Whisper Rink
  • Northern Lights Skating
  • Glacial Groove Garden
  • Sven’s Skating Spot
  • Frostbite Frolic Rink
  • Snow Drift Dome
  • Icy Escapade Arena
  • Chilly Charms Skating Center
  • Wintertide Whirl
  • Polar Plunge Pavilion
  • Ice Castle Rink
  • Snowball Spin Studio
  • Glacier Glide Ground
  • Aurora Ice Avenue
  • Snowy Summit Skating
  • Frost Fest Arena
  • Crystal Cove Skating
  • Icecapade Haven
  • Winter Breeze Way
  • Icicle Illusion Rink
  • Frost Glide Rink
  • Winter Whirl Ice Arena
  • Crystal Freeze Skating
  • Icy Echoes Pavilion
  • Snowflake Spin Rink
  • Blizzard Edge Ice Center
  • Chill Factor Skating Place
  • Arctic Swirl Ice Hall
  • Frostbitten Fantasy Rink
  • Winter’s Breath Skating Ground
  • Triple Axel Ice Arena
  • Lutz Leap Skating Rink
  • Salchow Swirl Ice Center
  • Flip Jump Frolic Rink
  • Edge Glide Ice Garden
  • Toe Loop Terrace
  • Biellmann Spin Pavilion
  • Ina Bauer Ice Ground
  • Mazurka Glide Rink
  • Camel Spin Skating Haven
  • Heritage Glide Hall
  • Legends of Frost Arena
  • Epoch Skating Pavilion
  • Mythos Ice Center
  • Heritage Twirl Rink
  • Odyssey on Ice
  • Saga Slide Arena
  • Chronicle Chill Rink
  • Folklore Frost Place
  • Tradition Twirl Ice Garden
  • Evergreen Glade Rink
  • Aurora Borealis Ice Hall
  • Misty Mountain Skating Arena
  • Whispering Pines Ice Center
  • Frozen Lake Pavilion
  • Silent Snowfall Rink
  • Cascade Crystal Ice Place
  • Northern Pine Skating Ground
  • Winterwood Frost Arena
  • Glacier Peak Skating Haven
  • Elsa’s Enchanted Ice Palace
  • Olaf’s Winter Wonderland
  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Rink
  • Arendelle Ice Spectacle
  • Frosty’s Fun Rink
  • Sven’s Glacial Glide
  • Kristoff’s Ice Harvest Arena
  • Snow Queen’s Domain
  • Hans’ Hidden Cove Rink
  • Duke of Weselton’s Waltz Pavilion
  • Snowman’s Twirl Spot
  • Ice Castle Skating Emporium
  • North Mountain Glide
  • Frozen Heart Rink
  • Enchanted Forest Ice Zone
  • Ice Harvester’s Haven
  • Wandering Oaken’s Rink
  • Snowgies Skate Park
  • Grand Pabbie’s Crystal Arena
  • Marshmallow’s Frosty Fort
  • Trolls’ Twirl and Spin
  • Yelena’s Enchanted Rink
  • Nokk’s Water Spirit Glide
  • Ahtohallan’s Mystery Ice
  • Gale’s Whirlwind Rink
  • Bruni’s Fire and Ice Rink
  • Honeymaren’s Smooth Slide
  • Ryder’s Reindeer Rink
  • Frozen Memories Skating Pavilion
  • Winter’s Tale Ice Hall
  • Ice Magic Skating Ground
  • Fjord Frolic Ice Center
  • Northern Light’s Arena
  • Snow Drift Skate Zone
  • Whiteout Wonderland Rink
  • Crystal Cove Skating Place
  • Polar Glide Ice Garden
  • Ice Mirage Rink
  • Winter Solstice Skating Arena
Ice Magic Skating Ground.

Ice Magic Skating Ground.

  • Snowcap Spin Pavilion
  • Frost Fairytale Ice Hall
  • Glacial Groove Rink
  • Winter Whisper Skating Center
  • Snowstorm Sway Arena
  • Icicle Illusion Pavilion
  • Winter Mirage Skating Place
  • Arctic Odyssey Rink
  • Boreal Bliss Ice Arena
  • Frosty Fable Ice Garden
  • Polar Fantasy Skating Center
  • Snowy Serenade Ice Hall
  • Winter Harmony Rink
  • Glacial Waltz Skating Pavilion
  • Frostwork Frolic Arena
  • Crystal Waltz Ice Center
  • Snowscape Skate Park
  • Winter Labyrinth Rink
  • Blizzard Ballet Ice Pavilion
  • Ice Whisper Wonderland
  • Frosted Fjord Fantasy Rink
  • Snoopy’s Skating Sanctuary
  • Charlie’s Chiller Rink
  • Linus’ Winter Wonderland
  • Lucy’s Frozen Lake
  • Peppermint Patty’s Ice Palace
  • Schroeder’s Symphony Arena
  • The Great Pumpkin Glider
  • Woodstock’s Wintertide Rink
  • Sally’s Sweet Skate Spot
  • Marcie’s Medalist Ice
  • Pigpen’s Frosty Field
  • Red Baron Rink
  • Beagle Bonanza Ice Center
  • Charlie’s Championship Arena
  • Lucy’s Ice Advice Pavilion
  • Linus’ Blanket Breeze Arena
  • Flying Ace Frost Zone
  • Peanuts Playtime Rink
  • Snoopy’s Doghouse Dome
  • Charlie’s Champion Chase
  • Schulz’s Skating Spectacle
  • Woodstock’s Wondrous Winter
  • Schroeder’s Sonata Ice
  • Patty’s Perfect Pirouette

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  • Marbles’ Icy Maze
  • Franklin’s Friendly Freeze
  • Rerun’s Rookie Rink
  • Violet’s Victory Venue
  • Pigpen’s Puck Playland
  • Sparky’s Spirited Skate
  • Snoopy’s Sleigh Bell Rink
  • Charlie’s Cheerful Chase
  • Linus’ Lighthearted Loop
  • Lucy’s Leadership Lane
  • Schroeder’s Serenade Surface
  • Peppermint Patty’s Power Play
  • The Red Baron’s Realm
  • Woodstock’s Whimsical Whirl
  • Sally’s Starlight Skate
  • Marcie’s Majestic Ice
  • Beagle Scout’s Glide
  • Charlie’s Challenge Circuit
  • Lucy’s Laughing Loop
  • Linus’ Loyal Lane
  • Snoopy’s Soaring Spiral
  • Peanuts Parade Pavilion
  • Schroeder’s Symphony on Ice
  • Patty’s Pivotal Point
  • Rink-a-Linusk
  • Charlie’s Championship Circuit
  • Apex Ice Arena
  • Frostbite Skating Center
  • Glacial Groove Pavilion
  • Winterland Rink
  • Icecapade Emporium
  • Frosted Edge Arena
  • Polar Play Pavilion
  • Crystal Skating Palace
  • Silver Skate Zone
  • Icetopia Rink
  • Arctic Swirl Skating Ground
  • Frosty Flair Arena
  • Ice Eclipse Pavilion
  • Winter Whirl Skating Center
  • Glacier Glint Rink
  • Ice Palace Park
  • Winter Breeze Arena
  • Frosty Fun Skating Emporium
  • Polar Point Pavilion
  • Icy Oasis Rink

Figure Skating Rink Names

  • Double Lutz Domain
  • Triple Toe Loop Terrace
  • Axel’s Edge Arena
  • Biellmann’s Bend Rink
  • Salchow Soiree Pavilion
  • Flip Jump Frolic Ground
  • Spiral Spin Ice Hall
  • Glissade Glide Center
  • Skater’s Swirl Emporium
  • Rink of Rittberger
  • Ina Bauer’s Ice Ballet
  • Layback Spin Lounge
  • Camel Spin Cove
  • Skaters’ Elegance Enclave
  • Blades of Glory Rink
  • Ice Dance Domain
  • Pirouette Pavilion
  • Edge Jump Emporium
  • Twizzle Twirl Rink
  • Loop Jump Landing
  • Chasse Chalet
  • Skater’s Stride Square
  • Mohawk Maneuver Arena
  • Choctaw Charm Center
  • Skate Sequence Space
  • Crossover’s Crown Rink
  • Stroking Studio
  • Hydroblade Haven
  • Glide and Spin Spot
  • Lutz Loop Lounge
  • Figure Eight’s Fate
  • Toe Pick Park
  • Skaters’ Spiral Sanctuary
  • Blades Ballet Hall
  • Ice Waltz Wonderland
  • Skater’s Swing Spot
  • Axle’s Artistry Arena
  • Rink of Revolution
  • Edge Elegance Emporium
  • Triple Flip Forum
  • Skating Serenade Studio
  • Pivot Point Pavilion
  • Freestyle Fantasy Ground
  • Blades and Bows Rink
  • Ice Illusion Institute
  • Glide Grace Garden
  • Frost Flex Forum
  • Figure Fantasy Field
  • Skaters’ Symphony Space
  • Ice Enchantment Estate
  • Skate Sparkle Square
  • Rink of Resonance
  • Jump and Jive Junction
  • Ice Elegy Emporium
  • Dance Du Soleil Dome
  • Twirl and Twist Terrace
  • Skater’s Silhouette Salon
  • Lace Loop Lane
  • Ice Odyssey Oasis
  • Blade Ballet Barn
  • Spin Spectacle Spot
  • Figure Fusion Forum
  • Skaters’ Solace Studio
  • Harmony on Ice Hall
  • Edge Enigma Enclave
  • Glacial Groove Ground
  • Blade and Beauty Base
  • Twizzle Temple
  • Serpentine Slide Square
  • Axel Ambiance Arena
  • Skating Synchrony Spot
  • Lutz Lagoon
  • Ice Impression Institute
  • Pirouette Paradise Pavilion
  • Skate Sway Station
  • Frostwork Fantasia Field
  • Edge of Elegance Estate
  • Rink of Rhythms
  • Spiral Splendor Space
  • Ice Innovations Incubator
  • Glide Gala Ground
  • Skating Sonnet Studio
  • Blade Ballet Boulevard
  • Rink of Resplendence
  • Spin and Soar Square
  • Ice Intuition Institute
  • Glacial Glide Garden
  • Skate Symphony Salon
  • Pirouette Panorama Park
  • Frost Feat Forum
  • Rink of Radiance
  • Spiral Serenity Spot
  • Triple Lutz Lagoon
  • Ice Aria Arena
  • Skater’s Sonata Salon
  • Glide and Grace Ground
  • Rink of Rendezvous
  • Edge of Excellence Emporium
  • Twirl Tranquility Terrace
  • Skaters’ Symphony Space
Rink of Revolution.

Sample name of a figure skating rink.

Hockey Rink Name Ideas

  • Gretzky’s Goal Arena
  • Hull’s Haven Rink
  • Stickhandle Stadium
  • Puck Drop Pavilion
  • Icing Icehouse
  • Hattrick Hall
  • Slapshot Center
  • Skate Slice Stadium
  • Offside Oasis
  • Breakaway Boulevard
  • Power Play Pavilion
  • Penalty Box Place
  • Crosscheck Corner
  • Goalie’s Guard Ground
  • Faceoff Field
  • Blue Line Boulevard
  • Red Line Rink
  • Overtime Oasis
  • Zamboni Zone
  • Deking Dome
  • Wrist Shot Way
  • Backhand Barn
  • Forecheck Forum
  • Hat Trick Harbor
  • Goal Siren Grounds
  • Netminder’s Nook
  • Puck Pursuit Park
  • Rink Rat Retreat
  • Hockey Haven Hall
  • Stick Shaft Stadium
  • Ice Blade Arena
  • Crease Cross Rink
  • Blocker Barn
  • Pads Pavilion
  • Stickhandle Square
  • Shin Guard Garden
  • Skater’s Shuffle Spot
  • Puck Battle Barn
  • Body Check Boulevard
  • Glove Save Grove
  • Forehand Field
  • Jumbotron Junction
  • Penalty Kill Park
  • Ovechkin’s Orbit
  • Crosby’s Corner
  • Howe’s Haven
  • Orr’s Orbit
  • Esposito Estate
  • Bourque’s Base
  • Lidstrom’s Lane
  • Yzerman Yard
  • Forsberg’s Fort
  • Sakic’s Spot
  • Lemieux’s Land
  • Jagr’s Junction
  • Bure’s Base
  • Roy’s Realm
  • Brodeur’s Base
  • Hull’s Harbor
  • Gretzky’s Glide
  • Messier’s Mansion
  • Clarke’s Corner
  • Chelios’s Chapel
  • Neely’s Niche
  • Gilmour’s Ground
  • Modano’s Meadow
  • Lafleur’s Loft
  • Trottier’s Trail
  • Bossy’s Base
  • Dionne’s Dome
  • Mikita’s Mile
  • Park’s Place
  • Robinson’s Range
  • Savard’s Sphere
  • Hasek’s Haunt
  • Kharlamov’s Kingdom
  • Tretiak’s Terrain
  • Makarov’s Maze
  • Fedorov’s Field
  • Datsyuk’s Den
  • Ovechkin’s Orbit
  • Malkin’s Mile
  • Kucherov’s Cove
  • Stamkos’s Stadium
  • McDavid’s Domain
  • MacKinnon’s Mount
  • Eichel’s Edge
  • Matthews’s Meadow
  • Rink of Rinne
  • Bergeron’s Bay
  • Toews’s Territory
  • Karlsson’s Court
  • Chara’s Chateau
  • Quick’s Quarter
  • Fleury’s Field
  • Luongo’s Land
  • Price’s Place
  • Kane’s Kingdom
  • Tarasenko’s Turf
  • Laine’s Lane

Olympic Size Rink Names

Winter Games Wonderland.

Sample name of an Olympic size rink.

  • Olympic Edge Arena
  • Champion’s Glide Rink
  • Gold Medal Pavilion
  • Figure Skating Forum
  • Ice Dance Emporium
  • Winter Games Wonderland
  • Olympian Orbit Rink
  • Victory Lap Venue
  • Medalist’s Ice Manor
  • Triple Axel Theatre
  • Podium Peak Pavilion
  • Skater’s Symphony Arena
  • Ice Legends Lounge
  • Olympiad Oval
  • Victory Spin Venue
  • Frosty Olympian Field
  • Dream Team Dome
  • Torchbearer’s Trail
  • Five Rings Rink
  • Champion’s Chisel Arena
  • Salchow Stadium
  • Lutz Landing
  • Biellmann’s Bliss
  • Winter Winner’s Walk
  • Gold Glory Ground
  • Olympian Ovation Oasis
  • Precision Pavilion
  • Harmony on Ice Hall
  • Winner’s Circle Center
  • Elite Edge Estate
  • Skater’s Summit
  • Medalist’s March
  • Dream Glide Dome
  • Winter Spectacle Spot
  • Olympian Elegance Emporium
  • Ice Saga Stadium
  • Champion’s Chariot
  • Medalist’s Mirage
  • Podium Plaza
  • Golden Skate Garden
  • Olympian Odyssey
  • Victory Veil Venue
  • Frost Flame Field
  • Winter Champion’s Way
  • Olympian Oasis
  • Gold Rush Rink
  • Ice Enigma Emporium
  • Skater’s Sovereign Space
  • Podium Pride Pavilion
  • Frosty Feat Forum
  • Golden Glide Ground
  • Olympic Spirit Stadium
  • Winter Whirl Wonderland
  • Elite Ice Estate
  • Victory Vista Venue
  • Frostbite Frontier
  • Olympian Opulence Oasis
  • Gold Medal Garden
  • Winter Winner’s Way
  • Ice Elegance Emporium
  • Champion’s Crown Center
  • Olympian Orbit Oasis
  • Golden Groove Ground
  • Winter Waltz Warehouse
  • Podium Paradise Pavilion
  • Elite Edge Emporium
  • Gold Glimmer Garden
  • Frosty Frontier Field
  • Ice Odyssey Outlet
  • Olympian Overture Oasis
  • Champion’s Cheer Center
  • Victory Veil Valley
  • Golden Gait Ground
  • Ice Illusion Isle
  • Winter Warrior’s Way
  • Olympic Elegance Estate
  • Champion’s Charisma Chamber
  • Gold Gala Garden
  • Ice Euphoria Emporium
  • Winter Winner’s Warehouse
  • Olympian Opal Oasis
  • Golden Gusto Ground
  • Frosty Finesse Field
  • Champion’s Chorus Chamber
  • Victory Valor Valley
  • Gold Glint Ground
  • Ice Imprint Isle
  • Winter Warrior’s Warehouse
  • Olympic Esprit Estate
  • Champion’s Cachet Chamber
  • Gold Glamour Garden
  • Ice Enchantment Emporium
  • Winter Winner’s Walkway
  • Olympian Orchid Oasis
  • Golden Grace Ground
  • Frosty Flair Field
  • Champion’s Cadence Chamber
  • Victory Virtue Valley
  • Gold Gaze Ground
  • Ice Impression Isle
  • Silver Medal Skate

Pond or Lake Rink Name Ideas 

Lake Breeze Skating Boulevard.

Sample name ideas for a pond or lake rink.

  • Lake Glide Ice Rink
  • Pond Twirl Skating Arena
  • Crystal Lake Skate Zone
  • Frosty Pond Pavilion
  • Serene Waters Skating Rink
  • Icy Bay Arena
  • Glacial Lake Glider
  • Ripple Pond Ice Park
  • Whispering Waters Rink
  • Frozen Lakefront Loop
  • Nature’s Mirror Skating Ground
  • Winter Wave Rink
  • Lakeside Loop Pavilion
  • Chilled Pond Chalet
  • Waterfront Whirl Arena
  • Ice Overlook Oasis
  • Majestic Lake Skateway
  • Tranquil Pond Terrace
  • Glacial Garden Rink
  • Blue Lagoon Ice Arena
  • Silver Lake Skate Park
  • Cove Glide Complex
  • Mystic Pond Ice Plaza
  • Alpine Lake Arena
  • Waterside Waltz Rink
  • Frost Harbor Skating Haven
  • Winter Waterway Rink
  • Glacier Grove Pavilion
  • Reflections on Ice
  • Moonlit Lake Skating Lane
  • Crystal Cove Ice Center
  • Serenity Skating Pond
  • Frosty Fjord Rink
  • Icy Inlet Ice Park
  • Winter Rivulet Rink
  • North Pond Nexus
  • Icecapade Over Water
  • Whispering Willows Rink
  • Frozen Lagoon Loop
  • Lake Breeze Skating Boulevard
  • Waters Edge Ice Emporium
  • Frostfall Pond Pavilion
  • Glacier Bay Arena
  • Snowflake Lake Skating
  • Aurora Pond Ice Garden
  • Ice Whisper Lake
  • Neptune’s Nook Rink
  • Crystal Waters Skating
  • Snowbound Shoreline Rink
  • Icicle Inlet Arena
  • Frozen Firth Forum
  • Winter’s Reflection Rink
  • Lakeshore Glide Pavilion
  • Tundra Pond Terrace
  • Ripple Reef Ice Rink
  • Frosty Marina Skating Zone
  • Winter Marshland Rink
  • Glacial Glimmer Garden
  • Water Wisp Ice Way
  • Icecap Cove Skating
  • Frostbite Falls Arena
  • Winter Brook Boulevard
  • Arctic Archipelago Rink
  • Silver Stream Skating
  • Frost Fern Lake

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  • Icy Estuary Emporium
  • Frozen Fen Skating Field
  • Winter’s Waterway Wonderland
  • Polar Pond Park
  • Glacial Gorge Rink
  • Crystal Cascade Ice
  • Nordic Lake Niche
  • Icy Isle Skating
  • Frosty Fount Forum
  • Chilled Creek Chalet
  • Winter’s Ripple Rink
  • Mystic Marsh Ice Arena
  • Glacier Gully Garden
  • Lake Echo Skating Edge
  • Icy Harbor Haven
  • Frosty Flume Pavilion
  • Polar Pool Place
  • Frozen Creek Crossing
  • Winter Wavelet Rink
  • Glacier Gap Glade
  • Snowdrift Springs Skating
  • Icy Inlet Idyll
  • Lake Lucid Loop
  • Frost Frontier Forum
  • Ice Mist Marina
  • Snowy Slough Slide
  • Arctic Aqua Arena
  • Frosty Fen Frontier
  • Winter Wetland Way
  • Glacial Grotto Garden
  • Icy Interval Ice Park
  • Frost Fauna Rink
  • Snowy Stream Skating
  • Icy Idyll Inlet
  • Glacial Grove Glide
  • River’s Edge Rink
  • Frosty River Run Skating
  • Moonlit River Glide
  • Serene Stream Skating Arena
  • Mystic River Ice Park
  • Cascade Creek Rink
  • Winding River Wonderland
  • Glacial Stream Skating Ground
  • Riverbend Ice Pavilion
  • Frostfall River Forum
  • Whispering River Rink
  • Icy Rivulet Arena
  • Frozen Delta Dome
  • Brookside Blades Pavilion
  • River Rapids Rink
  • Frost Whisper River
  • Icy Brook Boulevard
  • Riverflow Ice Oasis
  • Glacial River Gorge
  • Rippling River Retreat
  • Creek Curve Skating
  • Frozen Riverfront Rink
  • Twilight Stream Terrace
  • Winter River Run
  • Crystal Creek Ice Center
  • Icy Tributary Trail
  • Riverside Frost Arena
  • Silent Stream Skating Spot
  • Glacier River Rink
  • Brookhaven Ice Bound
  • River Mist Rink
  • Winter Waterfall Wonderland
  • Frosty Ford Skating Field
  • River’s Song Skating Space
  • Icy Stream Stretch
  • Glacial Gully Rink
  • Snowdrift River Slide
  • Winter Creek Crossing
  • Icy River Inlet
  • Frost Flow Forum
  • Crystal Cascade Skating
  • Serenity Stream Slide
  • Riverdance Ice Rink
  • Frostline River Rink
  • Winter Ripple Arena
  • River Gleam Glide
  • Icy Estuary Emporium
  • Frost Fern Creek
  • Glacial Tributary Terrace
  • Snowy Spring Skating Sanctuary

Ways to Profit from Ice Skating Rinks 

With a little bit of creativity, you can create a variety of income streams for an ice rink. Here are some effective ways to profit from ice skating rink operations that you may not have thought about.

  • Skate Rentals: Charging for skate rentals is a primary source of income, especially for visitors who don’t own skates.
  • Hosting Competitions: Organizing ice skating competitions and charging entry fees for participants and spectators.
  • Hockey Tournaments: Hosting hockey tournaments and leagues, charging team registration fees and spectator tickets.
  • Food and Beverage Sales: Setting up a hot cocoa/coffee cart, snack bars, and vending machines to cater to visitors. You could get more ambitious and operate a café or restaurant with views of the rink, offering meals and refreshments.
  • Merchandise Sales: Selling branded merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and souvenirs, as well as skating essentials like gloves and socks.
  • Private Lessons and Classes: Offering private ice skating lessons or group classes for different skill levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • Ice Rink Rental: Renting out the rink for private events, parties, or corporate functions. You could also host kids birthday parties or anniversaries here.
  • Sponsorships and Advertising: Partnering with local businesses for rink-side advertising or event sponsorships.
  • Season Passes and Membership Programs: Selling season passes or memberships offering unlimited access for a period.
  • Themed Skating Nights: Hosting themed events like disco night, holiday-themed skating, or family skate nights, with special pricing.
  • Skate Sharpening and Maintenance Services: Providing skate sharpening and maintenance services for a fee.
  • On-Site Photography Services: Offering professional photography services for capturing skating moments. This can be especially lucrative during the holidays.

Reach out to me on social media and let me know what kind of an ice skating rink you’re building. I love connecting with the readers of this website.