Korean food is one of the few cuisines in America today that’s “unspoiled” or not “Americanized”. This means most restaurants still retain the pure traditional flavors of Korean cuisine. These hallmark flavors are sweet, hot, sour, salt and butter.

With almost 8,000 Korean restaurants operating in the United States and an industry valued at $6 billion a year, Korean food is a legitimate food business opportunity too.

For anyone thinking of opening up a Korean food business like a restaurant or food truck, you’ll need to make sure the brand is easy to understand, catchy, memorable, and Korean sounding. Here are the best of the best in Korean food industry names you can use that are still available.

Korean Restaurant Name Ideas

Plate of Korean food.

While the pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard, Korean restaurants are still showing growth. Here are a few creative name ideas for this type of restaurant.

  • Aegyo Korea
  • Congdu Resto Korea
  • Don Chow Korean Restobar
  • House of Gim
  • House of Hongdae
  • Jeju in Town
  • Coco Korean
  • Jin Joo Grill
  • K-Food Restobar
  • Korean Kpop Restaurant
  • Korean Mom’s Kitchen
  • Korean Kulinary Kata
  • Korean Food Love
  • Seoul Food
  • Korean King Grill
  • Korean Flair
  • K-Pop Crowd
  • Little Seoul
  • Bulgogi Buffet
  • Min-Ga Korean Restaurant
  • My Soul in Seoul
  • Myeongdong Korea
  • Korean Stew House
  • South Korean Supper
  • Inching toward Incheon
  • Banging Bibimbap
  • Ticket to Korea
  • Oh Tongyeong
  • Tom’s Korean Kitchen
  • Spicy Cold Noodle Co.
  • Red Pepper Life
  • Sammong Korea
  • The Korean Night Life
  • Seoul Food
  • Corner Red Rice Cakes
  • Lunch in Busan
  • The Original Korean Steakhouse
  • The Daegu Diner
  • Korean Fried Chicken House
  • Something Korean
  • Soon Hong Restaurant
  • Taste of Korea
  • The Bulgogi Restaurant
  • The Ginseng Chicken Room
  • The K-Style Restaurant
  • The Manchurian
  • Tofu Korean

Kimchi Business Name Ideas

Fresh kimchi.

Kimchi is one of the most well-known dishes to come out of Korea. Made from salted and fermented vegetables and seasonings, kimchi is a delicious side dish that can accompany almost any dish in Korean cuisine. Here are some awesome names for starting a kimchi business.

  • Baek Kimchi Hauz
  • Blaziken Kimchi
  • Bossam Kimchi Bar
  • Buddhist Baechu Kimchi
  • Chikim Homemade Kimchi
  • Chonggak Kimchi Bar
  • Dongchimi Kimchi House
  • Kimchi Baechu Haus
  • Kimchi Gochugaru
  • Kimchi Jjigae House
  • Kimchi Nadal
  • Kimchi Rapsa House
  • Kimchi Station
  • Kimchibog
  • Kimchi-Cuman
  • Kimchi’lecious
  • Kimchi-Mineya
  • Kimchimot
  • Kimchi-Quitita
  • Kimchirapp

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  • Kimchi-Sarap
  • Kimxiyan Kimchi
  • Kkakdugi Kimchi Station
  • Korean Kimchi Konnection
  • Madam Kimchi
  • Nabak Kimchi Noise
  • Neomu Mashiseo
  • Oi Sobagi Kimchi
  • Piripin Kimchi
  • Wow! Kimchi

Korean Cafe Name Ideas

Outside a Korean cafe.

Café culture in Korea is popular with young and old alike. Bringing this Korean-café vibe to America has proved to be a winner. So if you’re looking to open a Korean café, here are some ideas that fit the bill.

  • Blossom Café
  • Cafe Koreana
  • Chung Kiwa Café
  • Coreano Alison Café
  • Gabose Café
  • Gaja Korean Café
  • Genwa Café
  • Girin Café Bar
  • Gogi Korean Café
  • Han Bat Café
  • Han Oak Café
  • The Flying Korean
  • Hobak Korean Café
  • The K Cafe
  • Joule Café
  • The Korean Coffee Shop
  • Kalbi Café
  • KJ Café
  • KO Café
  • Korea Town Café
  • Little Korea Café
  • Makani’s Café
  • Milk & Wood Café
  • Mr. Wok’s Café
  • Oiji Café
  • Pocha Café
  • Sam Jung Café
  • Heart and Seoul Coffee Shop
  • Samgye Buil Café
  • Seoul Café
  • Shul Lung Café
  • Tang Café
  • The Korean Bistro
  • Tofu Korean Café

Korean BBQ Business Name Ideas

Korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ, commonly known in America as Samgyeopsal, is a delicious meal. Grilling the meat yourself at the table has become a burgeoning industry and a unique dining experience. Just for you, here are some of the best names for a BBQ restaurant.

  • American-Korean BBQ
  • Byeokje Korean Barbecue
  • Gaja Korean Kitchen
  • Galbi Korean BBQ
  • Galbi Korean BBQ
  • Hado Kwan BBQ Shop
  • Hangwi Jib BBQ
  • Hart and Seoul BBQ
  • Haseyo BBQ Grill
  • Hottok Jibae BBQ
  • Jang Jori BBQ
  • Jook Heon Song BBQ Grill
  • Kim Chee BBQ Bar
  • King Sejong Korean BBQ
  • K-Pop Town BBQ

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  • Mini Soke Korean BBQ
  • Odae Ligamu BBQ
  • Patbingsu Gogi
  • RJ’s Korean Bowl-Gogi
  • Sanchon BBQ Haus
  • Seoul Station BBQ
  • The BBQ Bean
  • The Original Korean BBQ Co.
  • Wee Laboo BBQ
  • Wong Don BBQ Garden
  • Woor Jaeok BBQ
  • Yeji Sikdang Gogi-gu-I
  • Yong Su Haseyo BBQ
  • Yu Baet BBQ
  • Yukije Gaejang BBQ

Korean Bakery Name Ideas

Inside a Korean Bakery.

Since Korean bakeries usually tend towards soft breads and buns with a sweet taste – though you can get good French baguettes and European breads too – this is a popular taste here in the US today. A Korean bakery is a good business opportunity that many consumers still haven’t heard of. So if you are opening up your own Korean Bakery, to cater to those East-Asian flavors, here are the best names available to use.

  • Bab Beikeo
  • Baguettes and Baking
  • Brotli Bakery
  • Cookie Machine Bakery
  • Dogok Tower Bakery
  • Flour Power Korean Bakery
  • Gangnam Station Bakery
  • Gimyeongmo Bakery
  • Gwajajeom Bakery
  • Gwangjang Baguette Bakery
  • Hyoja Boulangerie
  • Jean Boulangerie
  • Jonggak Bakery
  • Jongno Bakery
  • Korea-Cake Boulangerie
  • Korean Pastry Boutique
  • Koreana Bakery
  • Myeongdong Baguette Bakery
  • Paris Baguette Bakery
  • Paris Croissant Bakery
  • Ppang Gubgi
  • Pretty Baked Korean Boulangerie
  • Pyeongyang Bakery
  • Seongbuk Bakery
  • Seoul Bakery
  • Seoul Baking Company
  • Seoul Ppangjib
  • Ssam’s Bakery
  • Tous Les Jours Bakery
  • Wake and Bake Boulangerie

Korean Candy Business Name Ideas

Korean candy business.

Korean candies are not just sweet sugar candy or chocolate, though you can find those as well. Korean candy is usually geared toward fruity candies in addition to more obscure octopus and squid candy snacks.

  • Ansan Candy Artists
  • Authentically Korean
  • Bibimbap Candy Palace
  • Bucheon Sweetshop
  • Bulgogi Candies
  • Busan Boba Candy
  • Candy Lovers
  • Changwon Chip Candies
  • Daegu Candy
  • Dak-Galbi Candystore
  • Dalkomhan Koreana
  • Goyang Sweetshop
  • Gwangju Garden Sweets
  • Incheon Candies
  • Japchae Candy House
  • Kancho Choco

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  • Korean Chocopie Shop
  • Korean Satang Store
  • Korean Vegan Candies
  • Mas-Issneun Gage
  • Masjoh-Eun Gage
  • Monaca Candy Store
  • My Korean Candies
  • Seoltang Gage
  • Seoul Rice Balls
  • Seoul Satang Gage
  • Seoul Sisters Candy
  • Suwon Candy Shop
  • Ulsan Artisan Candies
  • Yongin Sweetstore

Korean Food Business Name Ideas

Korean food market.

Korean food has taken off drastically over the last ten years, reaching its peak of more than $8 billion dollars a year in 2019 – pre-COVID. Food production businesses are still highly necessary for Korean food, so try one of these awesome names for business.

  • Balwoo Gongyang Korean Cuisine
  • Bibim Naengmyeon Korean Foods
  • Bibimharu Ssam Koreana
  • Choigozip Hongdae Food Co.
  • Congdu Samgyup Co.
  • Gat Kimchi Food Co.
  • Hongleepark Ssamgyap Food Co.
  • Imun Seolnongtang Foods Inc.
  • Jin Joo Foods
  • Jin Wonjo Food Co.
  • Jinju Jip Ssam Cuisine Supplies
  • Kiwa Korean Bbq Supplies
  • Kko-Kko’s Foods Inc.
  • Kuro Ssambap Company
  • Kyochon Hongdae Hoesa
  • Mandujip Ssamgyup Tonghab
  • Mugyodong Bugeokukjib Co.
  • Naengmyeonjip Tonghab
  • Pyeongando Jokbaljip Foods Inc.
  • Pyeongyang Myeonok Co.
  • Saengson Hoejip Tonghab
  • Samcheonggak Hoesa
  • Samgyeopsal Jib Foods Inc.
  • Samgyetangjip Co.
  • Sariwon Samgyeopsal Foods Inc.
  • Seolleongtang Tonghab
  • Shabunoki Grill Hoesa
  • Tosokchon Samgyetang Foods Inc.
  • Tteokguk Leseutolang Tonghab
  • Ye Dang Company Inc.

International flavors en-route from Asia are becoming more popular in the United States. At the time of writing, 69.2% of Americans want ethnic foods sold in their local grocery store. Another interesting factoid, 54% of chefs view regional ethnic food as a hot trend. If you’ve got a unique Korean menu idea this could be a viable business venture with real growth on the horizon.