America has become a sushi nation. In 2019, the market size of the sushi restaurant industry in the United States reached $22.25 billion dollars, a solid gain from $22.13 billion dollars the previous year. In addition to restaurants there are more food trucks jumping on the sushi wagon as well. 

Are you an entrepreneur looking to launch a sushi business? Not sure what signature sushi roll names you’ll put on a menu? Consider me your sushi roll name generator to brainstorm a never before heard of name. Let’s get started. 

Sushi Roll Name Ideas

Sushi roll (in Japanese, roll sushi) is a Westernized variation of Japanese maki sushi (or maki zushi). As you brainstorm for the name of new sushi rolls, incorporate one of the suggestions listed below.

  • Unagi Sushi Roll
  • Aspara-Gusto Roll
  • Royal Tiger Roll
  • Emperor’s Makisushi
  • Extra Crunch Roll
  • Maguro Deluxe
  • Dynamite Bombs Roll
  • Rainbow Pride Roll
  • Endless Summer Sushi Roll
  • Dragon Fire Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Caterpillar Eel Roll
  • Crunchy Spider Roll
  • Vegetable Garden Roll
  • Surf and Turf Bay Roll
  • Garden Veggie Makisushi
  • Volcano Lava Roll
  • Vegetarian Sushi Roll
  • Alaskan Delish Roll
  • Atlanta Albacore Roll
  • Cream Cheese Salmon Roll
  • Smelt Egg Bath Street Roll
  • Lump Blue Crab Roll
  • Kani Kama Roll
  • Tobiko Boston Roll
  • Sweet British Columbia Roll
  • Sesame California Roll
  • Classic California Roll

Sushi Restaurant Name Ideas

In this section, I’ve gathered some restaurant name suggestions. Keep in mind that your restaurant’s name should convey a positive image of your establishment and be distinct in your market. 

  • The Sticky Rice
  • Midnight Sushi
  • Sushi Squad
  • Atomic Bomb Sushi Spot
  • Love, Sushi
  • Emperor Boss Sush
  • Squid Sushi
  • House Of Bamboo
  • Sushi Addicts
  • Samurai Sushi Corner

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  • Sumo Sushi Boulevard
  • Sushi By Anne (Or Any Name)
  • The Crispy Prawn
  • Sushi Experts
  • My Sister Loves Sushi
  • Sunset Sushi
  • Rice Boulevard
  • Sushi-Oh
  • Sushi By The Bay
  • Divine Sushi
  • Kimono Sushi Corner
  • Sushi Garden Cafe
  • Dine And Sushi
  • Sushi Restaurant + Cafe

Funny Sushi Roll Name Ideas

Did anyone find Nemo?

Rice to meet you, sushi roll! Hopefully you found that funny. Here’s my attempt at comical sushi roll names that will keep your customers laughing out loud. 

  • Maki King Sushi. (Reference: Monkey King).
  • Roll Your Own Sushi
  • The Rice-Zilla.
  • For Pete’s Sake.
  • We Rollin’.
  • Rolls Royce.
  • Sexy Lobster Roll.
  • Passion of Rice.
  • Sushi Of The Sea.
  • Marvel Sushiverse.
  • Smashin’ Rice.
  • Roll Call.
  • Wok N’ Sushi Fusion Roll.
  • Sushi By The Bae.
  • Sushi Next Door.
  • What The Fish.
  • 2 Die For Sushi.
  • Sushi A Go Go.
  • Baddest Sushi.
  • Rock N’ Sushi.
  • They See Me Rollin’.
  • Oops! Sushi Roll.
  • Dora-Gon Sushi Roll.

California Roll Name Ideas

Close-up shot of California roll.

A California roll or California maki usually contains cucumber, imitation crab, and avocado. This kind of sushi roll, being one of the most popular sushi styles in Canada and the United States has influenced sushi’s global. If you’ve never tried sushi before this is a great place to start. 

  • Ky?ri California Roll.
  • Kani California Sushi.
  • Abokado California Roll.
  • Makizushi Sushi Roll.
  • Hidekazu’s Sushi Roll.
  • West Coast Sushi Roll.
  • California Roll Deluxe.

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  • Premium California Roll.
  • Californian Comfort Sushi.
  • Ultimate West Coast Roll.
  • The Golden State Sushi Roll.
  • The El Dorado Roll.
  • Washoku California Roll.
  • Simply Oishi California Roll.
  • O Bachan’s Best California Roll.
  • Japanese Cali Roll.
  • Tokubetsu California Roll.
  • Agemono California Roll.
  • Kinguzubesuto Cali Roll.
  • Tengoku No California Sushi.

Sushi Bar Name Ideas

Couples eating sushi together. Sushi-sweet!

In my humble opinion, sushi tastes better with beer. If you want to open a sushi bar, here are a few ideas. 

  • Maki King Sushi Bar.
  • Californian Delight Sushi Bar.
  • Paradise Sushi Bar.
  • Sushi Delight Bar.
  • Seafood Bliss Sushi Bar.
  • Sea Breeze Sushi Bar.
  • Kaifu Sushi.
  • Sakana Sushi Place.
  • King Sushi Palace.
  • Asahi Sushi.
  • O Bachan’s Best Sushi Bar.
  • Oishi Sushi Boulevard.
  • Sushi Grill House.
  • Oriental Fusion Sushi.
  • Saik? No Sushi.
  • Sushi Generation.
  • Honmono Sushi Bar.
  • Third Generation Sushi Bar.
  • All About Sushi.
  • Absolutely Sushi.
  • Sushi O Koete.
  • Brother Sushi.
  • Crave Café Sushi.
  • Kotei No Sushi Bar.
  • Fusion Sushi House.
  • Uncle’s Sliders and Sushi.
  • Le Sushi Bar.
  • Rising Sun’s Best Sushi.
  • Roll Call.
  • Bigan Sushi Bar.
  • Oishi Sushi Factory.
  • Kinguzubesuto Sushi Bar.
  • Oita Sushi Road.
  • Maki Sushi Bar.
  • Ohana Japanese Sushi.
  • Sakura Sushi Spot.
  • Maguro House.

Dragon Roll Name Ideas

Tangy and hot dragon roll!

Trivia time! It was named dragon roll because the varying colors of the sushi make it look like a dragon neck with scales. It’s a popular sushi maki roll in Japan, but it’s also popular in American-Japanese restaurants such as Benihana in the United States.

  • Washoku Dragon Makisushi.
  • Simply Oishi Dragon Roll.
  • O Bachan’s Best Dragon Roll.
  • Ebi No Tempura Dragon Roll.
  • Dragon’s Scale Roll.
  • Doragon Sukeru Sushi Roll.
  • Tobiko Topped Dragon Roll.
  • Spicy Mayo Dragon Roll.
  • Unagi Sauce Dragon Sushi.
  • Grilled Eel Sushi Roll.
  • Abokado Dragon Maki Sushi.
  • Kyuri Dragon Sushi.
  • Koshihikari Dragon Roll.
  • Nori Dragon Sushi.
  • Supaishi Doragon Roll.
  • Dragon Fire Makisushi.
  • Kani Dragon Sushi.
  • Grandma’s Dragon Roll.
  • Tokubetsu Dragon Roll.
  • Dragon Roll Deluxe.
  • Dragon Roll Fusion.
  • Puremiamu Dragon Roll.
  • Simply Oishi Dragon Roll.
  • Special Tobiko Dragon Sushi.
  • Tengoku No Dragon Roll.
  • Unagi Sosu Dragon Roll.
  • Emperor’s Dragon Sushi.
  • Kinguzubesuto Dragon Roll.

Spider Roll Name Ideas

Spider Roll Sushi is filled with soft-shell crab tempura.

A spider roll is a type of sushi featuring soft-shell crab that’s typically coated in tempura batter, deep-fried, and wrapped with other ingredients like radish, cucumber, sesame seeds, and mayonnaise.

  • Soft-Shell Crab Makisushi.
  • Special Daikon Spider Roll.
  • Emperor’s Spider Roll.
  • Simply Oishi Spider Sushi.
  • Premium Spider Rolls.
  • O Bachan’s Best Crab Rolls.
  • Spider Roll Fusion.
  • Oriental Spider Roll.
  • Abokado Spider Makisushi.
  • Best Nori Spider Sushi.
  • Supaishi Spider Roll.
  • Agemono Spider Sushi.
  • Bigan Spider Roll.

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  • Limey Spider Sushi Roll.
  • Retasu Spider Roll.
  • Kinguzubesuto Spider Roll.
  • Oritsu Spider Makisushi.
  • Tengoku No Spider Roll.
  • Midnight Spider Roll.
  • Special Tokubetsu Spider Roll.
  • Spider Roll Deluxe.
  • Sunset Spider Makisushi.
  • Ichiban Spider Sushi.
  • Vegan Spider Sushi.
  • Classic Spider Sushi Roll.
  • Spider Roll Paradise.
  • Sesame Spider Roll.
  • Garden Spider Sushi.
  • Sumo Spider Roll.

Tempura Roll Name Ideas

The tempura roll is my personal favorite. The main ingredient in a tempura roll is shrimp tempura. Other ingredients, such as avocado or cucumber, will be required to add flavor to the roll. Because of their crispy texture and taste, shrimp tempura rolls remain popular. 

  • Kaiso Tempura Makisushi.
  • Ebifurai Tempura Sushi.
  • Age Yasai Tempura Roll.
  • Shifudo Tempura Sushi Roll.
  • Kyuri Tempura Sushi.
  • Abokado Tempura Roru.
  • Cream Cheese Tempura Roll.
  • Kurimuchizu Tempura Sushi.
  • Special Nori Tempura Roll.
  • Golden Tempura Roll.
  • O bachan’s Best Tempura Roru.
  • Haha No Saiko Tempura Roll.
  • Burokkori Tempura Sushi.
  • Kinoko Tempura Sushi.
  • Ninjin Tempura Sushi Roll.
  • Kotei No Best Tempura Roll.
  • Simply Oishi Tempura Sushi.
  • Premium Tempura Roll.
  • Emperor’s Tempura Sushi.
  • Tempura Roll Fusion.
  • Tempura Roll Deluxe.
  • Royal Tempura Roll.
  • Garden Tempura Makisushi.
  • Oriental Tempura Roll.
  • Dragon’s Fave Tempura Sushi.
  • Rainbow Tempura Roll.
  • Classic Tempura Sushi.
  • Ichiban Tempura Sushi Roll.
  • Sea Breeze Tempura Roll.

Shrimp Roll Name Ideas

Shrimp roll or also called Ebi nigiri sushi topped with cheese.

Shrimps is another one of my favorite ingredients because they’re easy to prepare and can be used in a variety of recipes like sushi. Shrimp roll is another popular kind of rolled sushi or maki sushi. 

  • Lemony Ebi Makisushi.
  • Serori Shrimp Roll.
  • Garden Makisushi.
  • Rainbow Ebi Sushi.
  • Baked Lime Shrimp Sushi Roll.
  • Spicy Shrimp Roll.
  • Ebi Roll Crunch.
  • Veggie Shrimp Garden Roll.
  • Cream Cheese Shrimp Roll.
  • Sesame Ebi Sushi Roll.
  • Classic Shrimp Roll.
  • Midnight Ebi  Sushi.
  • Emperor’s Shrimp Sushi.
  • O bachan’s Best Ebi Sushi.
  • Sumo Shrimp Roll.
  • Sunset Shrimp Makisushi.
  • Divine Shrimp Roll.
  • Premium Ebi Roll.
  • Ultimate Shrimp Sushi.
  • Simply Oishi Shrimp Roll.
  • Paradise Ebi Sushi.
  • Sea Breeze Shrimp Roll.
  • Doragon’s Ebi Sushi Roll.
  • Deluxe Ebi Roll.
  • Fusion Shrimp Roll.
  • Oriental Shrimp Roll.
  • Golden Ebi Roll.
  • Ichiban Shrimp Roll.
  • Singaporean Sushi Roll.
  • Royal Ebi Sushi Roll.
  • Vegan Ebi Roll.
  • Exotic Shrimp Sushi Roll.
  • Supreme Shrimp Makisushi.
  • Shin Tamanegi Sushi Roll.

Salmon Roll Name Ideas

The main ingredients of the salmon roll are cucumber, avocado and smoked salmon. This one is another kind of rolled sushi or maki sushi. 

  • Salmon Roll Crunch
  • Smoked Salmon Makisushi
  • Sunset Salmon Roll
  • Divine Salmon Makisushi
  • Premium Salmon Sushi
  • Ultimate Salmon Roll
  • Oishi Salmon Roll
  • Paradaisu Salmon Roll
  • Sea Salmon Makisushi
  • Dragon’s Salmon Makisushi
  • Deluxe Salmon Roll
  • Fusion Salmon Makisushi
  • Oriental Salmon Sushi
  • Golden Salmon Roll
  • Ichiban Salmon Roll
  • Royal Salmon Makisushi
  • Vegan Salmon Roll
  • Exotic Salmon Sushi
  • Garden Salmon Roll
  • Salmon Roll By The Bay
  • Rainbow Salmon Roll
  • Spicy Salmon Makisushi
  • Veggie Salmon Rocker 
  • Cream Cheese Salmon Roll
  • Sesame Salmon Roll Up 
  • Classic Salmon Sushi Roll
  • Midnight Salmon Sushi
  • Emperor’s Salmon Maki Sushi
  • O Bachan’s Salmon Roll
  • Sumo Salmon Sushi

Tuna Roll Name Ideas

A dozen of tuna rolls.

Did you know? There are five types of tuna often used for sushi toppings namely Pacific bluefin tuna, Southern bluefin tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore Tuna. The Bluefin kind is the top-choice for sushi restaurants worldwide because of its distinct flavor.

  • Deluxe Maguro.
  • Albacore Tuna Roll.
  • O Bachan’s Tuna Sushi.
  • Midnight Tuna Makisushi.
  • Ultimate Bluefin Roll.
  • Oriental Maguro.
  • Supaish?na Maguro.
  • Golden Tuna Makisushi.
  • Ichiban Maguro.
  • Royal Tuna Sushi Roll.
  • Garden Tuna Roll.
  • Exotic Tuna Roll.
  • Pacific Maguro.
  • Premium Tuna Sushi Roll.
  • Bluefin Tuna Makisushi.
  • Fusion Tuna Roll.
  • Simply Oishi Maguro.
  • Paradise Sushi Roll.
  • Sea Breeze Tuna Roll.
  • White Tuna Roll.
  • Dragon’s Tuna Sushi.
  • Garden Fisshu Roll.
  • Tuna By The Bay.
  • Rainbow Tuna Roll.
  • Tuna Roll Crunch.
  • Veggie Tuna Makisushi.
  • Cream Cheese Tuna Sushi.
  • Sesame Tuna Sushi.
  • Classic Bluefin Roll.
  • Emperor’s Tuna Roll.
  • Sumo Maguro Roll.

You’ve probably heard of the Japanese having the record of living long lives. And it turns out, their not-so-secret of longevity is they value having a balanced diet. They love incorporating fresh ingredients like fish and seaweed into their food. Sushi is a convenient way to add fish into a diet.

Sushi has long been a recognizable symbol of Japanese cuisine. This world-famous food comes in various forms, including sashimi, maki sushi or rolled sushi, and Temari sushi. I hope this post has helped to inspire your next roll.