6 Traits of Successful Food Truck Owners

There is no magic formula for successful food truck owners, but most vendors who have done well seem to share the same six personality traits. At the top of the list for successful food trucker owners is the ability to collaborate with others. Those who can delegate often build strong relationships with their staff and are more likely to click with their customers.

The other five traits frequently found in successful food truck owners:

  • Being self-fulfilled. The best culinary entrepreneurs put a high price on the fulfillment their food trucks provide them, relish being their own boss, and enjoy being in control of their personal income. They value doing something for a living that they love to do being able to decide how much money they make and being able to have the satisfaction of creating something their community values.
  • Focused on the Future. Food truck owners who have thrived are good at both short and long-term planning. They’re as likely to have a well thought-out plan for the day-to-day running of their business as a road map for how to run the business for years.
  • Curious. Strong entrepreneurs are always reading and asking questions. They want to learn everything from why a particular business failed to how to find, motivate, and keep good employees.
  • Action oriented. Successful mobile food business owners are proactive and always differentiate themselves from their competitors. They are less worried than other small business owners about the state of the economy and more likely to look at adversity as sign to move forward.
  • Tech-savvy. Perhaps this isn’t a surprise but the best food truck business owners invest time and money on their website and are likely to rely a great deal on technology such as social media and point of sales systems to help make our business more effective and efficient.

Many food truck owners have some or many of these traits, however it’s the food truck owners with all of these traits that seem to have captured the most successes so far.

They are a special breed of entrepreneurs that are highly motivated, caring and curious individuals. They effectively balance their personal and business goals, take advantage of others’ expertise and continually seek to learn the best practices exhibited by their competition.

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Richard is an architect by degree (Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan) who began his career in real estate development and architectural planning. In September of 2010 he created Mobile Cuisine Magazine to fill an information void he found when he began researching how to start a mobile hotdog cart in Chicago. Richard found that there was no central repository of mobile street food information anywhere on the internet, and with that, the idea for MCM was born.

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  1. Doug Nov 18, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I would add persistence to the list. There are lots of smart, talented people with good ideas who don’t make it. Success requires the drive to push past the obstacles, the self doubts, the failures to come up with a workable system. Rarely does someone just try something and have it come out right. There are design problems to overcome in building a rig. There are places and menu items that work and ones that don’t. The are constant set backs and challenges. Those who succeed are the ones who figure out ways to overcome those obstacles and keep moving forward.

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