There are hundreds of examples of how customer choice and loyalty of repeat business customers have both built and destroyed food truck brands. This has happened since the beginning of the gourmet food truck industry.

Today’s food truck customer has an ever-expanding choice of trucks to do business with. And if the new startup truck in your area has their way, many of the original food trucks may lose a great deal of market share from these new entrants into the ever-changing food truck market.

Before your food truck becomes another statistic make sure you understand the barriers a food truck can run into when trying to earn loyal, repeat customers.

Top 5 Barriers To Building Repeat Business Customers

  • Too Expensive. It is common to see 8-10 dollar food truck menu items. However, there is no reason for food trucks serving gourmet hot dogs need to start selling their franks at the price of a lobster roll. Understanding the price point for your market is key to keeping your prices in line with what your market is willing to pay. This doesn’t mean that a hot dog vendor should drop their prices below the level in which they are able to make a profit.
  • Interest In Different Food. We’ve all done it. We binge on a particular style of food and then go months without going back to it. Food truck customers are the same. This is why we have always suggested keeping your menu fresh by adding seasonal and creative menu changes.
  • Get Bored. As stated in the last point, if your menu hasn’t changed in the last year, do it. If you don’t, there is a good chance that you will lose some customers until you change your menu around.
  • Like To Try New Trucks. As a food truck customer myself I can attest to this point. I love food trucks! I eat from them as often as I can. When I see a truck in my area, they are usually the first truck I make a dash for. A simple way for existing trucks to tap into the newness factor is to partner up with new trucks. Not only will you help these new vendors gain traction in your market, but you will stay at the top of your repeat customers minds. By helping build up other trucks, you’ll be there for the consumers who may not have interest in the new truck’s menu.
  • Looking For Better Deals. Remember that most consumers never track down a food truck based on the pricing deals. However,  they certainly will go back to a truck they love if they are offering a special that includes their fan menu favorites.

The Bottom Line

Consumers say value, promotions and innovative food offerings are key for earning their loyalty and repeat business. We couldn’t agree more. As you can see from these top 5 barriers to building repeat customers, it’s easy to lose your way. Stay fresh and switch up your menu from time to time to keep your followers coming back.

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