A common question we are asked by our readers relates to the cost to start a food truck. Many times this question is asked when readers are working on the food truck cost analysis of their food truck business plan.

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Due to varied factors that can be used to determine this answer, we typically provide a broad range of $40,000 – $250,000. While it technically answers the question, it’s still a bit broad for someone trying to determine if opening a food truck business is something they can afford, or something they need to get a loan for. Because of this, we have generated this chart to help those interested in joining the mobile food industry.

In the chart, you’ll find three areas. One time start up costs, re-occurring start up costs and costs that vary from area to area. Each of these sections is subdivided by three price ranges; $ = low, $$ = average and $$$ = high for each area.

While this guide should be used as a general group of ranges, it is helpful for those interested in finding how much starting up a food truck business can cost.

Food Truck Business Start Up Costs

One time start-up costs
Purchasing your food truck500025000125000
Vehicle inspection100300500
Retrofit / bring the truck to code250004000050000
Register/POS System15012502500
Truck wrap250035005000
Initial food purchases50012502000
Utensils and paper goods50010003500
Website design50035007500
Initial office equip and supplies2005001000
Initial advertising and PR5007501000
Professional, legal and consulting fees50020005000
Reoccurring start-up costs
Commercial kitchen/Commissary rent50015003000
Credit card processing equipment50150500
Start-up costs which vary by location
Permits and licensing 50 500 10000
Insurance 300500 1000

Please note:

  • Prices shown are not set in stone, and can change without notice.
  • Reoccurring prices shown are for 1 week.
  • Prices shown which vary by location are for 1 month.

So what do you think about the cost to start a food truck?

cost to start a food truck

It may seem like a steep price to start a food truck business. But, try to compare these costs to that of a brick and mortar restaurant. The high end prices in this chart don’t even come close to comparing to starting a small quick service restaurant.

Keep an eye open for contests. In season three of The Great Food Truck Race, they gave away a food truck to the eventual winners. Talk about a great way to cut down the cost to start a food truck business.

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So how much did it cost to start a food truck for you? Let us know in the comment section or drop us a line via our contact page if you would prefer to keep your food truck business start up cost a little more private.