Do you have a food truck for sale? Have you already spent money on advertising your food truck for sale, but nobody has purchased yet? We are consistently looking for ways to help food truck owners save money and today is no different. Today we want to help those of you who would like to boost your sale coverage to those interested in buying a food truck here at Mobile Cuisine.

While we we have our own food truck sales section, we understand that some of you may have already spent money adverting it elsewhere…

Don’t Spend More Advertising Your Food Truck For Sale

If you’ve already spent money to advertise your food truck on sites such as…

  • Your local online newspaper

…all you have to do is send us a link to the ad and we’ll do the rest of the work. Not only that, but we’ll send out a social media blast to let our readers know about the food truck you are trying to sell.

The only thing we may ask your for is the email address or phone number you would like used in the ad or images of the interior and exterior of your vehicle so our readers can get a better understanding of the vehicle condition.

We understand that selling your mobile food business can be a tough ordeal, so we want to make it a little bit easier and get you additional chances to sell your truck or cart without spending more money.

Offer Includes Personally Owned Food Trucks, Food Carts and Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you’ve already placed any online advertising your food truck, food cart, or  commercial kitchen equipment for sale, send us a quick email admin

[at] mobile-cuisine [dot] com or social media message with the link and we’ll add your details to our Food Trucks For Sale section of Mobile Cuisine for nothing. Facebook | Twitter

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