Have you ever wondered how others feel about you? If one of your friends, peers in the mobile food industry, or customers were to be completely honest about the way they view you, what do you think their perception of you would be? You may think you already know how others view you as a skilled chef or a food truck owner who always brings out the best in her team but you might be surprised.

How Do Others Feel About You And Your Food Truck?

To help you find out what others feel about you and your food truck business, try these steps:

  • Examine your online presence. Google yourself and your food truck. If there are any damaging or nasty comments, it’s better to find out now (so you can take action), rather than having a potential customer or employee discover them.
  • Conduct your own 360 review. Individually invite trusted friends that are food truck owners or your employees out for coffee or an adult beverage. Tell them that you’re working to raise the bar professionally, and ask for their honest feedback: What do you do well? Where could you grow?
  • Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Are the people I interact with empowered after being around me, or are they left with a different feeling?

Do others look forward to spending time in or around me and my business, or do they try to avoid it whenever possible?

Do I enjoy being around people who treat me the same way I treat others?

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If you want others to view you as friendly, approachable, and respectable, then it’s helpful to try and see yourself as others do. This process will give you a lot of insight into the perception others have of you and why. That insight can help you to be more real and balanced with regard to your perception of yourself and your food truck business.

The Bottom Line

Understanding what people think about you is critical to your personal and business branding process. Don’t fear the process. Information is powerful. Understand perceptions, then make a plan to reinforce or evolve your brand so you can be relevant and compelling to your market.

How do others feel about you? How did you find out? Share any tips we may not have included in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter