I’m sure that many food truck owners and employees can agree that when you have too much to do and not enough time to do it, it’s easy to disappoint yourself and others, forget to follow through, and lose your temper. Frequent or intense episodes of anger aren’t good for you or your food truck business. If you find yourself boiling mad more often than not, today we’ll discuss some of tips to keep your temper in check.

How Food Truck Owners Can Keep Their Temper In Check

Managing your time better, learning to say “no,” and resisting the temptation to over multitask (yeah I know multitasking is tough to get away from during a rush) are all good long-term solutions. But what can you do now to stop the fuse from even getting close to being lit?

  • Be assertive, not aggressive. If you feel angry over a disagreement with an employee or customer, the best way to express it is by sharing your feelings in a respectful way. Don’t hold it in. Stay calm and refrain from behaviors such as yelling. In short, don’t be afraid to speak up, but be courteous at the same time.

  • Identify and avoid your triggers. One good way to keep your temper in check is to not get angry in the first place. If you know that bumper-to-bumper traffic stresses you out, try to drive before or after rush hour. Of course, you can’t avoid every trigger, but recognizing and steering clear of the controllable ones can go a long way.

If these tips don’t work, try this: Every hour, take one minute to take a deep breath and ask yourself if in the past hour you’ve been the kind of person/business owner you want to be.Have you been a good boss?

Then recommit to who you are going to be in the next hour. Sometimes it only takes a small interruption to help you regain control. Why not take the time to prevent losing your cool before it happens?

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The Bottom Line

It’s never good for vendors to lose their temper. Nothing can end a conversation or hurt a relationship as quickly and deeply as a few angry words uttered in the heat of the moment. You may feel like these outbursts are out of your control, or feel frustrated that you can’t keep them from happening so often. Today we discussed how and why you should keep your temper in check.

No matter how frequently or to what extent you find yourself seeing red, you can take back the reigns from your more emotional side with patience, practice and a little empathy for yourself.

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