The Four Pillars Of A Strong Food Truck Business

Everyone vendors wants a strong strong food truck business, but how do you build one? Picture your mobile food business as a building. You have the foundation which is comprised of your employees, customer, and your truck. However, in order to keep the roof over your head, you have to have a structure in place (ie… four columns, or pillars).

These pillars are:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity,
  • Honesty
  • Communication

The absence of any of the four pillars will cause your food truck business will crumble around you. Today we’ll discuss why they are so vital to a strong food truck business.

The Four Pillars Of A Strong Food Truck Business


Everyone must be accountable for their actions. With so many new food trucks popping up across the country for consumers to choose from, a successful food truck business must stand out. If you and your employees hold yourselves accountable for your actions, this is a huge step in distinguishing yourself from other similar food trucks. Just as the US government has a system of “checks and balances,” the same should be used in a mobile food business.


Integrity is something that we are taught from an early age. This is you and your employee’s ability to “do the right thing.” This is one of the most difficult pillars to reach because most mobile food vendors claim they have integrity, but they lack the ability to back up their statements with solid proof. The key to this pillar, and the others, is to hire people who in with your food truck business’ vision. As the leader of your business, you you must lead by example.


Honesty goes hand in hand with integrity. If you have integrity then you will generally be an honest person. Don’t be someone who “passes the buck” when a mistake is made. Yes, you can attempt to prevent mistakes, but you should also have a work environment that encourages employees to talk about their mistakes and what they have learned from them.


The communication pillar is the final pillar needed to build your the structure that supports your food truck business. It’s also the most important one. Your ability to listen, then communicate is the backbone to your food truck business. Your employees must be trained on how you want them to communicate with customers, each other, and with you. Due to timing or things outside of your control, this is easily overlooked. Training your employees to be good communicators will also depend on how you interact with your customers, and employees.

The Bottom Line

The four pillars of accountability, integrity, honesty, and communication are essential traits of a strong food truck business and the people who represent it. By holding yourself and your employees accountable with integrity and honesty in all forms of communication, you have built a food truck business structure that’s setup to last.

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