In today’s ever changing economy, does a food truck owner need to be persistent, analytic  and organized? Or should they be compassionate, charismatic, and communicative? The answer is simple: a good food truck owner needs both sets of these traits.

How do you know if you’re a food truck owner and, more importantly, a good leader? The two roles aren’t mutually exclusive, but the best food truck owners are actually leaders first.

As you probably already know from experiences managing and being managed by others, there are a lot of different management styles. The key is to understand that not every style works with every employee. There are different ways to motivate people. Sometimes, all you have to do is share your vision in the right way; yet, others won’t be moved by grandiose visions. These employees need something a little more concrete.

What Makes A Great Food Truck Owner?

Great food truck owners have following characteristics:

  • Have an open-door policy.
  • Willing to work with their staff and their team.
  • Shares the “why” of what’s being accomplished.
  • Open to input and consider different perspectives when they’re making a decision.

A good food truck owner elevates everyone around them, provides the resources they need to do their job well and acknowledges them often.

Don’t Box Yourself In As The Type Of Food Truck Owner You Are

Don’t categorizing yourself as a certain type of food truck owner. Explore the nuances that today’s complex, fast-moving mobile food business environment requires. Mobile food vendors need to confidently deliver tough messages to their employees that are backed by evidence, but they also need to be sensitive to how those messages are received.

The Bottom Line

Most leadership traits are not an either/or choice, but rather complementary sides of being an effective food truck owner. The most successful food truck owners draw from the best of each type of leadership style and develop a unique approach that fits their unique food truck business model. When a food truck vendor is a true leader, the fact that they are the owner becomes a side note.

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