Almost three years ago, the staff of Mobile Cuisine scoured the internet looking for 10 of the best pun based mobile vendor names in the country. We found them and our readers voted for their choice.  A start up food truck named Miso Hungry was the winner of that contest. Unfortunately, as we open up another contest we find that this truck is no longer cruising the streets of Miami. (This should be a lesson to those who think if you come up with a great name you will have a successful truck)

miso hungry miami food truck

The mobile food industry has been flourishing since 2008 and their have been many examples of great, punny names. We want to know who you think has the best. Does the punniest named food truck come from your community or do you prefer the name of another that is out of town? Nominate them today!

Now it’s time for our readers to vote for their favorite.

We will be gathering submissions until Friday, September 13th at 12 AM CST. Once we have all of the submissions, we will determine your top 10. At that time, we will provide a poll which will once again, allow you to vote for your favorite. The results of this poll will determine the winner.

You may use the form below to submit your choices or submit them to [email protected]

Please be sure to add Punniest Mobile Food Vendor 2013 in the subject line. And list your nominations in the body of your message.

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