In 2008 Roy Choi introduce the mobile food industry to something it had never seen before…Korean food truck BBQ. Since then the industry has exploded with nothing but growth projected through the year 2017. Barbecue truck cuisine varies by region, with the four main US styles named after their place of origin: Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City and Texas.

Just like Choi’s Kogi Truck, other food truck owners model their barbecue on cuisines of other countries such as Korean, Argentinian asado, or even Mongolian barbecue.

To honor this industry staple, we are kicking off this contest to find out which food truck or cart is serving our reader’s favorite food truck BBQ in 2015.

Last year’s winner was Off the Grill from El Paso, TX. Will they be able to maintain their title in 2015, or will we have a new champion?

Like all of our other contests, this contest will open today and will be run in two stages. For the next two weeks (we will accept emails submitted by 12 PM Central Time on Friday June 12, 2015)  we will give our readers the opportunity to submit their choices via contact form below or by email at: contest

[at] mobile-cuisine [dot] com. Once the data has been collected and counted, we will open a poll (Monday June 15, 2015) that allows for voting for the top 10 email submissions.


To be eligible for the final poll, the vendor needs to have opened before June 2015 and must regularly serve bbq from their truck, cart or trailer. The vendors need to sell to their local community on a regular basis which means competition BBQ teams who own a trailer will not be considered. Vendors can be located in anywhere in the world so feel free to submit choices from outside of North America.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. BBQ vendors are free to submit their own carts or trucks for consideration and voters may vote as often as you wish. The only request we have is that you submit one entry at a time and include the name of the vendor, as well as the city  or area the they operate in.

So let the voting begin. And remember, vote early and vote often.

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