Today we are happy to announce a new contest which will allow our readers from around the world to name the best vegetarian or vegan food truck or cart for 2015. In last year’s contest we had a fantastic turnout and our final winner was The Cinnamon Snail out of New York City.

Unfortunately, due to permitting issues in NYC, our 3 time defending champ cannot defend their title since they were forced to close down in February.

UPDATE: Although running into issues in NYC, the Cinnamon Snail is operating in Red Bank NJ, where they started.

So, do you have a favorite truck in your area, or have you read about a cart that is at the top of your list to try out the next time you are in their area? Nominate them today!


To be eligible, a truck must have a primarily vegan or vegetarian menu, we will not accept trucks who may have a great vegetarian menu item, but primarily sell non-vegetarian/vegan dishes. Trucks or carts can be located anywhere in the world but must have been open for business prior to May of 2015 (and still currently open).

We will be gathering submissions until Friday, July 12th at 12 AM EST. Once we have all of the submissions, we will determine your top 10. 

At that time, we will provide a poll which will once again, allow you to vote for your favorite. The results of this poll will determine the winner. The winning truck will have a profile interview posted on Mobile Cuisine.

Please be sure to add Vegetarian/Vegan Mobile Food Vendor in the subject line. And list your nomination in the body of your message.

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Our Previous Winners:


Purple Carrot

Twitter: @eatpurplecarrot

The Purple Carrot is a Farm to Truck mobile dining destination specializing in locally grown fare. Join us for unique, seasonal and delicious eats!

East Lansing Michigan ·

2012, 2013 & 2014

The Cinnamon Snail

Twitter: @VeganLunchTruck

The Cinnamon Snail is the country’s most raunchy mobile Vegan Organic restaurant! Blasting supreme bliss & zany antics all over NYC, & dirty Jersey

Hoboken NJ, Red Bank NJ, NYC ·