We are happy to announce that today we are opening the nomination process for our 2019 Food Truck Rookie Of The Year contest. For over a decade, food trucks have been popping up all around the country (for that matter all across the world).

Since Mobile Cuisine’s inception in 2010, we have kept an eye on all of the trucks surfacing on the streets and to our surprise, there has not been much of a slowdown of trucks or cities around the country that have spawned new trucks (we have seen an average of at least a half dozen new trucks every week).

For the ninth year in a row, we are we want to ask our readers to share their favorites with us. Last year’s winner was the Mission In-Pasta-Bowl from Oklahoma City, OK.

Eligibility For The 2019 Food Truck Rookie Of The Year Contest:

To be eligible for entry into this contest, the truck or cart must have opened for business after December 31, 2018 and before December 1st of 2019. The nomination process opens today and will run until Friday, November 22nd. We will count the votes and the top ten will move into our final poll which will start on November 25, 2019.

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Feel free to submit one or more trucks. Or even feel free to vote for a single truck more than once. However each entry must be submitted individually.

You may submit your choice via the the form below or email us at: contest [at] mobile-cuisine [dot] com.

Please include the name of the truck, the name of the truck and the city, state (or country if they operate outside of the United States) the truck(s) operate in. We will contact each vehicle owner that makes it to the polling stage to submit images of their trucks, so don’t worry about attaching images of vehicles in your submission.

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