Today we are happy to announce a new contest which will allow our readers from around the world to name the 2019 vegan vegetarian food truck of the year. In last year’s contest we had a fantastic turnout and our final winner was Herbivorous Butcher of Minneapolis, MN.

So, do you have a favorite vegan or vegetarian food truck in your area, or have you read about a cart that is at the top of your list to try out the next time you are in their area? Nominate them for our 2019 Vegan Vegetarian Contest today.

Eligibility For 2019 Vegan Vegetarian Food Truck Of The Year Contest

To be eligible, a truck must have a primarily vegan or vegetarian menu, we will not accept trucks who may have a great vegetarian menu item, but primarily sell non-vegetarian/vegan dishes. Trucks or carts can be located anywhere in the world but must have been open for business prior to April of 2019 (and still currently open).

We will be gathering submissions until Friday, June 7th at 11:59 PM EST. Once we have all of the submissions, we will determine your top 10. 

At that time, we will provide a poll which will once again, allow you to vote for your favorite. The results of this poll will determine the winner. The winning truck will own the title of 2019 Vegan Vegetarian Food Truck of the Year.

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Please be sure to add Vegetarian/Vegan Mobile Food Vendor in the subject line. And list your nomination in the body of your message. Please include the city and state where the truck operates. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message to one of our social media channels. Facebook | Twitter

So let the voting begin. And remember, vote early and vote often.

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