Congratulations to the Blaxican from Atlanta, GA for winning the 2015 Mobile Cuisine Food Truck Restaurant of the Year! After counting and recounting the nearly 7,000 total votes submitted Blaxican is our winner.

“Blaxican” is a slang word used to describe biracial people of Mexican and African-American descent, and Will Turner says that it was the perfect word to describe his Mexican soul food fusion.

We’re thrilled for the Blaxican!  We’ll learn more about this food truck and restaurant business and the Mexican soul food fusion that drove this food truck restaurant to the title.  Congratulations!

Rounding out our top five 2015 Food Truck Restaurant List:

2. Roadside Seafood – Charleston, SC  

3. Baron von Schein – York, PA

4. 808 Grinds – Portland OR 

5. Lisa Marie (Fidel Gastro) – Toronto, Canada  

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as to all of our readers who voted for their choice in our 2015 Food Truck Restaurant of the Year contest.

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