There is just one week left in our Punniest Food Truck Name Poll. We have pared down the field from the original ten, to this final five. As you can see from these final five, the remaining entrants are either from California or Florida as selected by our readers.

These trucks remain in the listing based on their total scores to date. We will take the final week’s voting results and will add them with the votes already cast to determine the eventual winner. This poll will close on December 31,2010 and the results will be shared with our readers on January 3, 2011.

Get the word out, to help your favorite (poll can be found on the sidebar of the site).

Chairman Bao – San Francisco, CA

Grill Em All – Los Angeles, CA

Miso Hungry – Miami, FL

Ms. Cheezious – Miami, FL

Naan Stop – Los Angeles, CA

Please note:  We found many great names but wished to keep the original poll down to just 10 entries, so if you don’t happen to see a name you think should be on this list, there was no offence intended.