The results for our rookie food truck contest for 2016 are in. So we want to send out congratulations to The Empanada Sonata of Brooklyn, NY for winning the title of 2016 Rookie Food Truck Of The Year!!! After counting over 11,000 total votes submitted in the poll the Empanada Sonata is our winner.

The Empanada Sonata

The Empanada Sonata was created by Keith Moran, A NYC Firefighter and Marlyse McAdam, part time cook, and part time lead singer of the band, “Betty Rocker.” Their goal is to provide the ultimate “eat out” experience. They offer 15 delicious, home-made empanadas ranging from the classic beef empanada to a dessert-based Nutella and Banana empanada.

The Empanada Sonata also features seasonal empanadas! Along with this wide range of delicious empanadas, their guests can choose from 10-15 different dipping sauces.

Keep an eye out for our feature profile where we’ll learn more about this food truck business and how they developed their dishes that drove the rookie food truck to the title.  Congratulations!

Rounding out our top five 2016 Rookie Food Truck List:

2. Cajun Delhi – Washington DC | @CajunDelhi

3. Filipino Fusion – Oklahoma City, OK | @okcfilipino

4. Shuck Food Truck – Wellfleet, MA | @shuckfoodtruck

5. Offbeat Eatz – Houston, TX | @OffbeatEatz

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as to all of our readers who voted for their choice in our 2016 Rookie Food Truck Of The Year.

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