The results for our burger food truck contest for 2018 are in. So we want to send out congratulations to Five Sisters Food Truck. of Tuckerton, NJ for winning the title of 2018 Food Truck Burger Of The Year!!! After counting the over 9,000 total votes submitted in the poll Five Sisters Food Truck. pulled out the win.

Five Sisters Food Truck

Based out of Tuckerton, New Jersey, Five Sisters Food Co is an on the go catering business. But, since they operate out of a state of the art food truck, they have the ability to offer a custom, gourmet menu which includes fantastic burgers. All of which is cooked and served fresh and hot to their customers.

They provide a hassle-free, gourmet experience that is unmatched by standard catering. With their gourmet food truck onsite, customers can select from a pre-set menu and order right from the truck.  They will tailor the menu to your vision and surpass all your expectations.

The next time you are in their area, come see why they are have become so popular. Congratulations to the Five Sisters Food Truck and their enthusiastic voters/diners! Congratulations!

Rounding out our top five 2018 Food Truck Burger Of The Year List:

2. The Burger Lab – Kissimmee, FL

3. Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers – Boston, MA

4. BoxBurger – Indianapolis, IN

5. BlueJ’s Rollin’ Grill – Oklahoma City, OK

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as to all of our readers who voted for their choice in our 2018 Food Truck Burger Of The Year.

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PLEASE NOTE: The final results of this poll came after hours of vote auditing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.