The staff of Mobile Cuisine Magazine has scoured the internet looking for 10 of the best pun based mobile vendor names in the country. Now it’s time for our readers to vote for their favorite (poll can be found on the sidebar of the site).

Barbie’s Q – Hermosa Beach, CA

Chairman Bao – San Francisco, CA

Grill Em All – Los Angeles, CA

Juana Burrito – Baltimore, MD

Mexicue – New York, NY

Miso Hungry – Miami, FL

MMMpanadas – Austin, TX

Ms. Cheezious – Miami, FL

Naan Stop – Los Angeles, CA

Takorean – Washington DC

This poll will run through the remainder of the year.

Please note:  We found many great names but wished to keep the poll down to just 10 entries, so if you don’t happen to see a name you think should be on this list, there was no offence intended.