The results for our rookie food truck contest for 2017 are in. So we want to send out congratulations to Midland Burger Company of Midland, MI for winning the title of 2017 Rookie Food Truck Of The Year!!! After counting the over 10,110 total votes submitted in the poll Midland Burger Company pulled out the win.

Midland Burger Company

Based out of Midland, Michigan, Midland Burger Company is a purveyor of fine burgers from the esteemed Chef Jim Welch. Specializing in excellent, locally sourced gourmet burgers and poutine from a mobile food truck. They know where their food comes from because they know who grew, baked or raised it.

They buy their all grass fed beef from JNelson farms of midland, and hand cut our fries, so they’re always fresh and never frozen. Because they want to bring you the best products from local merchants, they sell michigan’s own faygo pop and made right potato chips.

The Midland Burger Company food truck has amassed a local following for its burgers and fries, but has also secured a permanent restaurant it will soon operate out of downtown Midland.

The next time you are in their area, come see why they are have become so popular. Congratulations to the Midland Burger COmpany Food Truck and their enthusiastic voters/diners! Congratulations!

Rounding out our top five 2017 Rookie Food Truck List:

2. Urban Street Eats – Swansboro NC

3. Roro’s – Washington DC

4. The Guac Spot – Jersey City, NJ

5. Souped Up – Buffalo, NY

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as to all of our readers who voted for their choice in our 2017 Rookie Food Truck Of The Year.

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PLEASE NOTE: The final results of this poll came after hours of vote auditing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.