blank food truck

With so many food trucks cruising around the country, it’s no surprise that designers are starting to get more creative with their art to differentiate their clients from the other trucks on the road. The result has been some really cool art on wheels, driving around various cities selling food.

We at Mobile Cuisine would like to know who our readers feel has the best custom designed food truck or food cart design. Because of this, we are starting a competition to find out who it is.

Starting today, we are asking for you to submit your favorite food truck design. You may submit as many times as you would like, but each submission must be submitted individually. We will accept entries until Friday, May 25th. At that point we will narrow the field down to your top 10 selections. On Monday, June the 4th, we will open up a poll for you to select from to determine the winner. This poll will wrap up on Friday, June the 8th. The truck with the most votes from the poll will be declared our winner.

The winning truck of the contest will have a profile interview posted on Mobile Cuisine, and the design group that installed the artwork will be given one month of free advertising on Mobile Cuisine.

Designs must be of a food truck or cart that has been operating or will hit the streets by the end of May 2012 (anywhere in the world).

Designs can be painted or wrapped onto the mobile food platform.

Feel free to submit one or more trucks or vote for a single truck more than once, however each entry must be submitted individually.

You can submit your vote on the form at the bottom of this page or email us at [email protected]

Please include the name of the truck and the city it operates in. We will contact each vehicle owner that makes it to the polling stage to submit images of their graphics, so don’t worry about attaching images of vehicles in your submission.