Mobile Cuisine readers have voted and we are proud to announce their choice for the 2012 Vegetarian Food Truck of the Year.


We originally asked for fans to submit their favorites, and after 2 weeks of collecting names, the top ten trucks were selected for the poll.

  • The Cinnamon Snail – NY, NJ – 719 votes 41%
  • Clover Lab Food Truck – Boston, MA – 11 votes <1%
  • DC Vegetarian – Portland, OR – 14votes <1%
  • Fojol Bros| Merlindian – Washington DC – 49 votes 3%
  • Good Karma Kitchen – DFW, TX – 266 votes 15%
  • The Green Truck – San Diego, CA – 52 votes 3%
  • Liba Falafel – San Francisco, CA – 209 votes 12%
  • The Seabirds Truck – Orange County, CA – 221 votes 13%
  • The Vegan Yacht – Austin, TX – 11 votes <1%
  • The Zombie Food Truck – DFW, TX – 206 votes 12%

With trucks representing all areas of the country the votes from our readers started pouring in from every state in the United States, and the poll was closed last Friday with a clear winner.

The Cinnamon Snail out of New York and New Jersey received 40% of the vote to pull out a victory over the competition.

In winning this polling contest, Mobile Cuisine will present its readers with a future feature article (starting next week) covering this truck, the owner and the fare they are serving their customers across New York and New Jersey. We would like to congratulate The Cinnamon Snail for winning this MC reader poll. Our readers have shown their support, so in return, we will give them all of the details to complete this chapter in this food truck operation’s history.

The Cinnamon Snail

Twitter: @VeganLunchTruck

The Cinnamon Snail is the country’s most raunchy mobile Vegan Organic restaurant! Blasting supreme bliss & zany antics all over NYC, & dirty Jersey

UPDATE: Added total votes for each truck with their percentages.