The mobile food industry has been growing in cities across the world since 2008. With this growth, a group of bloggers have been covering their local food truck scene and providing news, review and updates to their readers. As each new food truck city starts up, it usually has someone that wants to cover this trend for the people of their community. Outside of creating their blogs, many of them have also gotten involved in their food truck communities by hosting or organizing food truck events, or have gone a step further and created smart phone applications for local foodies to track their favorite local trucks.

Because of all of their blood, sweat and tears these writers/journalists/foodies put in, we thought we would create a way for our readers to select their favorites and give them recognition for their hard work. Over the last couple of weeks we ran a poll to give you a chance to submit your choice. In that time, nearly 1,300 of you cast your vote and today, Mobile Cuisine is proud to announce the results of this contest to determine our Favorite Local Food Truck Blog for 2013.

In first place with 38% of the votes:

Nashville Food Truck Junkie



The rest of our top 5 (in order of votes received)

2) Street Grindz – Hawaii
3) Food Trailers Austin – Austin, TX
4) Hub Food Trucks – Boston, MA
5) Looking for Food Trucks – Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Keep an eye open for our feature article in which we delve into the background of the Food Truck Junkie, and why she does what she does for the Nashville food truck scene. Again, we would like to thank all of you that voted in this contest. It is our readers are what let Mobile Cuisine continue to be the complete online resource destination for the mobile food industry.