Who’s the CHEESIEST?

Congratulations to Miami’s Ms. Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese on winning Mobile Cuisine’s 2014 Grilled Cheese Food Truck of the Year!!

Your gooey concoctions have garnered you this year’s win!  A finalist in the 2011 Punniest Food Truck Name, Ms. Cheezious is now recognized by their customers as the best grilled cheese truck in the country.

We’ll learn more about the team and their punny, gooey story soon.  We wish you another year of cheesie fun celebrating your win!

Rounding out our top 5 Grilled Cheese Food Trucks for 2014 are:

2. Gorilla Cheese – Hamilton, Ontario

3. The Melting Point – San Antonio, TX

4. American Meltdown – Raleigh, NC

5. GourMelt – Reno, NV

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as to all of our readers who voted.