Congratulations to the Saucy ‘Stache as Mobile Cuisine’s 2013 Rookie Food Truck of the Year!

2013 rookie of the year food truck

New to the Miami food truck scene, they’re already making their saucy mark on south Florida.  The Saucy ‘Stache was conceived by sisters Nichole and Michelle.  While Nichole attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, she learned early on she had a knack for creating yummy sauces.  Upon returning to south Florida, she and sister Michelle, a marketing professional, decided to open a truck.

We’re so happy they did.

To aid in the kitchen, Michelle’s husband Anthony was trained while their folks round out the Saucy ‘Stache support team.  With a tight-knit group in place, the sisters love going to work every day.  Nichole takes great pleasure in creating dishes where customers order seconds for their next meals.  Michelle’s strengths are outside of the kitchen, basically keeping the engine running.  Outside of truck responsibilities, Michelle also runs an online marketing agency and coordinates catering events for food trucks.

The sisters offer a couple of tips for food truck owners, especially those just starting out.  When you think you have all of your bases covered with permits and licenses, another requirement will always come up.  Be flexible and prepared.  Once you’re on the road, know your audience.  The Saucy ‘Stache has many options and the sisters tailor the menu for the day’s or event’s audience.  If they are serving at a brewery, they “bring foods that are a hit with drunk people.  Our fried macaroni balls seem to make them very happy,” says Michelle.  If they go to a wellness event, they “load up on salad and brown rice.”

Whatever the event or menu offering the Saucy ‘Stache has combinations that will tempt you to lick your bowl clean.  Nichole’s favorite is the latest special — sautéed steak in the ninja garlic sauce over brown rice with mandarin teriyaki sauce.  Michelle likes the maple bacon bourbon sauce (um, I personally believe everything is good with bourbon sauce) with their truffled sweet potato mash side.  We’re drooling here.

The Saucy ‘Stache sisters are having fun meeting their customers and creating fun, tasty dishes for them.  They are going to be fun to watch as they grow and evolve.  What’s next on their to-do list?  World domination.  If it’s covered in maple bacon bourbon sauce, we can’t wait!