The results for our grilled cheese food truck contest for 2016 are in. So we want to send out congratulations to Say Cheese! of Memphis, TN for winning the 2016 Grilled Cheese Food Truck Of The Year!!! After counting the nearly 2,500 total votes submitted in the poll Say Cheese! is our winner.

Say Cheese!

As a full-time paramedic at a local hospital working nights and weekends, Terry LaRue noticed that the stressed and exhausted caregivers had few dining options after hospital cafeterias closed.  He saw a need for good, convenient, affordable food for those not wanting to leave the facility, and the idea for Say Cheese! was born.

Allison, a committed elementary school teacher, struggled to find work/life balance between her classroom and their 4 children.  Disheartened about the lack of time  available to spend with her busy family, Allison began to contemplate merging of her love of cooking & entertaining, with Terry’s idea of a food truck.

After much consideration, the couple purchased a concession trailer in November, 2014.  Over the next few weeks, they began experimenting with recipes, and testing them out on friends to refine their menu.

By February, 2015, Say Cheese! was officially open for business, and they have been cooking up grilled sandwich goodness ever since!

Keep an eye out for our feature profile where we’ll learn more about this food truck business and how they developed the grilled cheese dishes that drove this food truck to the title.  Congratulations!

Rounding out our top five 2016 Grilled Cheese Food Truck List:

2. Ms. Cheezious – Miami, FL

3. American Meltdown – Durham, NC

4. CheezeN – Red Bank, NJ

5. Izzy G – Eugene, OR

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as to all of our readers who voted for their choice in our 2016 Grilled Cheese Food Truck Of The Year.

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