We are pleased to announce that the voting is over and the votes have been tallied. We were thrilled by the huge turn out for this poll, as more than 10,000 individual votes were submitted for the 15 trucks that took part in this contest. There were some surprises, and even a suggestion from one of our readers to have two separate classes for large and small cities.

staff meal

Kangaroostaraunt out of Appleton, WI was able to attract nearly 1,500 votes from a city who has a total population just over 78,000 (2010). While we agree that next year there should be a change to the voting structure for this contest, we felt that since it started open to all trucks around the world, that we could not fairly change the rules.

With no further ado, we would like to congratulate The Staff Meal Truck on winning the title of Food Truck Rookie of the Year for 2011. Their votes came in steadily throughout the contest and were able to hold off a number of advances into their lead once some trucks were able to get their supporters here to cast their votes.

The final vote count for the top 5 trucks is listed below.

Staff Meal Food Truck – Boston, MA: 3393

Famous Naters – Chattanooga, TN: 1735

Kangaroostaurant – Appleton, WI: 1435

Fish Out of Water – Orlando, FL: 1082

Gourmelt – Reno, NV: 882


We will be providing a feature story on The Staff Meal Truck and it’s owners in the very near future, so keep an eye out for that.