The mobile food industry is continuing to grow throughout cities around the world. Last year we began to track the the growth of the industry and posted a weekly article covering the new food trucks popping up on the streets. We have seen a continued increase of food trucks of at least a dozen a week. While some have closed, for the most part, many of these food trucks have flourished in their local markets.

2012 Rookie of the Year

In 2011, the Staff Meal Truck from Boston, MA won the title of 2011 Rookie of the year, and since then, they have had fantastic success.  In recent days, they even announced the opening of a restaurant that will carry their concept from the truck into a permanent brick and mortar location.

To continue this award, today we are starting the submission process for the 2012 Food Truck Rookie of the Year.

We will collect your submissions through the remainder of the year. In January we will narrow the field down to your top 10 selections and will open up a poll for you to select from to determine the Rookie of the Year. Once that poll is closed, the truck with the most votes will be declared our winner.

Not only will the truck(s) lay claim to the title of Food Truck Rookie of the Year , the winning truck will have a profile interview posted on Mobile Cuisine.


There are no requirements to the location (hint hint to Canadian and overseas food truck owners), type or style of food this mobile vendor sells, so feel free to submit a new savory food vendor, dessert truck or even a mobile hot dog vendor. The only stipulation is that they opened for business after December 31st of 2011.

Feel free to submit a single truck more than once, however each entry must be submitted individually.

You may submit your votes on the form at the bottom of this page or email us at: [email protected]

Please include the name of the truck and the city, state (or country if they operate outside of the United States) the truck(s) operate in. We will contact each vehicle owner that makes it to the polling stage to submit images of their trucks or desserts, so don’t worry about attaching images of vehicles in your submission.

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