Do you have a favorite mobile food vendor or group of vendors in the United States?

Phase 1

Mobile Cuisine Magazine has a new contest we need your help with. At this moment we are looking to hear from you. Once this poll has closed we will tally up the votes and combine them with additional information we are gathering at this moment. Once tabulated, we will be able to explain and present the next phase and official rules to our upcoming event here at MCM.

Now is Your Chance

Vote early and vote often. This phase of our contest allows anyone to vote, for any food truck, food cart or mobile street vendor within the United States (votes will only be counted if vendor is operating or will start operation before the end of April 2011). If you have one favorite, feel free to submit as many votes for them as you like. If you have a group of trucks in your area, submit a vote for each (separately). At this time we are not concerned with why they are your favorite, so if you merely like a truck or cart based on its painted your favorite color, feel free to submit a vote for them. Mobile Food Vendors are welcome to vote for themselves or let their customers know about this competition to have them vote for you.

Tell your friends and family, spread the word. The more votes received the better.

You can vote in this post or at our static voting form page <here>

This phase of our contest will run until midnight (CST) Friday, February 25, 2011

*edit: changed end date for phase 1