The results for the Cajun Food Truck for 2017 are in. After collecting over 3,200 votes, congratulations goes out to the Zydeco Bistro food truck out of Cleveland, OH for winning our 2017 Cajun Food Truck of the Year!

Zydeco Bistro – Cleveland, OH

The Zydeco Bistro food truck was created to be “a party on wheels,” according to owner Johnny Schutze.

Johnny Schulze is an award winning ACF CCC®, Certified Chef De Cuisine®, New Orleans trained chef with 25 years of professional experience in Atlanta GA, Hartford Connecticut, Nantucket Massachusetts,  South Louisiana and now NE Ohio.

The Zydeco Bistro food truck sells unique Cajun and Creole dishes that opened in the Spring of 2011. Their menu is expansive. Some of the highlights include the Cajun Jambalaya, the Shrimp & Oyster Peaux Boy, Spring Blue Crab Salad, Crispy Gulf Shrimp or Lake Erie Perch Dinners, Hush Puppies with Bistro Sauce, Red Beans & Greens and the Zydeco Wrap. As with most food trucks, their menu is subject to change.

We’ll learn more about Zydeco Bistro and their award-winning cajun food soon.  Congratulations to the Zydeco Bistro food truck team and their enthusiastic voters/diners!

Rounding out our top 5 Cajun Food Trucks for 2017 are:

2. Cajun Connoisseur Chicago, IL

3. La Gumbo Ya Ya – Oklahoma City, OK

4. C’est Tout Bon 2 Eat – Atlanta, GA

5. Voodoo Kitchen – Orlando, FL

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as all of our readers who voted for in our 2017 Cajun Food Truck of the Year contest.