Winning Your Food Truck Customer’s Heart

Ultimately the quality of the food you serve will draw people to your service window; however customers are far more likely to return for purchases of your menu items if they feel valued by the person selling it. So you and your staff members need to learn how to win your food truck customer’s heart.

So How Do You Win Your Food Truck Customer’s Heart?

Your customers are the lifeblood of your mobile food business. So letting your customers know how much you value them is important. Under-appreciated customers will look elsewhere to make their next food purchase. Reach out to each of your customers and make sure they know how important they are to your business.

  • Get your customers talking. There’s no better way to make someone feel valued than by asking his or her opinion. Invite your customers to an online discussion. Set up a customer council. By opening up a discussion and allowing consumers to give their say on areas they’d like to see improved, you’ll start earning their trust.
  • Introduce the team. Give them the opportunity to meet as many of your staff as possible. Have your service window staff thank them for their business and ask them to tell them a little bit about themselves.

When you or your staff creates an emotional connection with your customers, they are more open to hearing what you have to offer, and much more inclined to keep coming back for more. This interaction needs to be genuine and shouldn’t never be phony or insincere.

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The Bottom Line

Taking the time to grow and maintain your customer relationships is hands down the best business investment you’ll ever make. By wining your customer’s heart, when your customers are smiling, there’s a greater chance they’ll continue to do business with you over the long run and recommend your food truck to friends. And your bottom line will benefit as a result.

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