Have you ever loved a product or service so much that you couldn’t wait to tell everyone you know about it? All over the web, customer passions for brands and products have led them to share their love via YouTube videos, blog posts, and Facebook groups.

These natural spokespeople have created valuable buzz and initiated sales growth; all for free. Find your most devout food truck customers and ask them to rave on their blogs or create Facebook groups in support of your food products. If there are already natural spokespeople out there singing your truck’s praises, harness that passion for free. Just don’t forget, the best marketing won’t be focused on your menu, it will be focused on your customer passions.

Marketing To Your Food Truck Customer Passions

It’s not about marketing the menu.  It’s about marketing the larger passion that your menu is a part of.  That larger passion is what customers care about.  Customers don’t care about your menu until you help them realize how your menu connects to the customer passions.

To uncover these customer passions and needs by asking questions such as:

  • What are local consumers naturally most passionate about?
  • Where are consumers engaging when not at your truck?
  • How do current lifestyles create opportunities to connect with new customers?

Analysis of social and behavioral data, for example, finds that health-conscious consumers are driven by a deep need for self-improvement. Connecting to that need through relevant content on your website is just one way you can start to make a meaningful difference in customer retention.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to grab the attention of your customers, stop focusing on marketing your menu and instead focus on their beliefs.  More specifically, craft your marketing messages so  you explain how your menu relates to the ideas, beliefs and themes that they are already passionate about.

How do you use customer passions to benefit your food truck? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section or on social media. Facebook | Twitter