I have recently spoken with some food truck owners who were complaining that nothing seems to have changed in their food truck business, despite their best efforts to make things happen. Unfortunately, when we dig a little deeper into their background, we find that they continue to do the same things that have gotten them little to no positive results. Today we’ll take a look at five of the top reasons why your food truck maybe seeing slow growth and how to speed it up this year.

5 top reasons why your food truck is seeing slow growth

Staff members that don’t pull their weight

Take a look around your food truck and conduct an honest assessment. Who is busting their ass for you and who is just running through the motions? Then make a commitment to replace those people who don’t do much of anything.

Don’t neglect to look in the mirror. Are you doing everything you can to help your food truck business? If not, we don’t recommend removing yourself, but it certainly will help to recognize the problem and start putting more into shaping up before you see slow growth in your business.

You’ve failed to invest in your employees

It’s easy to complain about how things are falling apart, yet if you look back, you realize you haven’t made any investments in your food truck staff.

Staff members don’t become stronger servers, cooks or managers and develop better relationships with your customers with the wave of a magic wand. These are skills that need to be developed and continually reinforced.

Do yourself a favor and take the time and money to start investing in your food truck staff.

You have a hard time delegating

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to move your food truck business forward when you are still in the middle of all of the daily operations. You’ve gotten to the point where you have hired people to help you, right? Then let them do that job.

The less time you spend in your truck, the more time you will be able to plan the direction your truck should be headed. Get out of your staff members and let them provide you with more time to grow your business.

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You have no idea where to go

You will never get to where your business should be if you have no idea where you are headed. Look at your business every six months or so. This will provide ample time to alter your route so you don’t find your food truck circling back to where you started.

You don’t apply recommendations

You surround yourself with a fantastic staff and regularly ask for their recommendations. But… you never implement any of these recommendations. Is it any wonder that nothing has changed?

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The Bottom Line

I understand that change is hard for some food truck vendors. There are time you’ll experience more pain before things get better. But in the end, isn’t it better to have tried something than to have done nothing at all?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you run into any of these slow growth issues when trying to expand your food truck business? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook