Learning how to delegate is a critical skill that successful food truck owners must demonstrate, and one often neglected by these overworked mobile food vendors. The inability to delegate properly is the main reason that many food trucks fail to grow. Don’t be one of those vendors that often mistake delegation for passing off work.

The basic definition of delegating is “assigning duties to another person or persons while still being held accountable.”  The most important thing is to know whom to delegate to and when. Here are three steps to help determine what tasks can come off your plate.

How To Choose What Tasks You Delegate

  • Identify tasks only you can do. Take a look at your workload and identify tasks, projects, or functions that require your specific skills or level of authority.
  • Sort out the rest. Take a look at everything else on your task list and determine what others can easily do, what requires coaching for others to do, and what needs outsourcing.
  • Keep what makes you happy. Don’t give away the things that you most enjoy even if others can do them. Delegation should increase your job satisfaction, not detract from it.

Vendors who refuse delegate typically mistake delegation for giving up responsibility and authority. They fail to realize that effective delegation requires only the sharing of turf. It doesn’t mean giving up a thing.

Don’t forget that delegating doesn’t mean passing off work you don’t enjoy, but letting your employees stretch their skills and judgment. As you hand over greater responsibility, it’s important to understand that learning new skills sometimes includes making mistakes. Do, don’t punish employees who make an effort to do things right.

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The Bottom Line

When you grow as a food truck owner, you have to know when to let go of some of your initial job duties. You have to know when to delegate down so you can build your food truck business.

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