Although skepticism has its merits, building trust is crucial to the effectiveness of your food truck business. To cultivate trust among your staff members, place your trust in them first. Show them you believe they are competent and up to the job at hand. Value their contributions by trusting them with increasingly challenging tasks and give them the autonomy they need to shine.

3 Steps For Building Trust In Your Employees

  • Limit Lecturing. To ensure that employees will make good decisions, managers often begin to lecture. If you reflect on this, you will soon realize that lecturing and telling your employees what to do implies that you do not have faith in their decision-making abilities.
  • Listen to Learn. Listening to learn and valuing people’s feelings and ideas is what promotes the ability of food truck owners to effectively communicate with and influence their staff. Listen to learn means not inserting your opinion and not judging what the person says while they are speaking.
  • Work Smarter. Many vendors I’ve spoke with often say, “If I want something done right I have to do it myself.” Yet effective food truck managers know that delegation of tasks is essential for building trust in their food truck.

Food truck vendors who “test” employees can do serious harm to the overall well-being of the team. Trust is a two-way street and the sooner you start down your side, the sooner your food truck employees will accelerate down theirs.

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The Bottom Line

Without trust in your food truck, communication and teamwork will erode. Additionally, morale will decrease while turnover will rise. By using these three strategies, you can build your employees’ trust in management, thereby making their workplace an environment filled with innovation, creativity and ultimately higher profits for for your food truck empire.

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