While every food truck owner would like to have their staff trust them. How do you really know if they do? Food trucks with high levels of staff trust:

  • Have a strong sense of shared purpose.
  • Have employees that work together to support the mission.
  • Create a culture were tolerance and cooperation  is highly valued.
  • Have owners who coach rather than manage.
  • Have employees who participate in making decisions.

We’ve put together a list of questions that can help you asses the level of trust among your food truck staff. Have your employees submit their answers anonymously and have them use a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) to score each question.

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11 Questions To Assess The Level Of Staff Trust

  1. Level of trust the food truck owners and managers.
  2. Trust your co-workers.
  3. Do you view your co-workers and ownership as credible?
  4. Do you think the owners actions are consistent with their words?
  5. Level of understanding the food truck’s mission and vision and the role you play to achieve them.
  6. Do you feel that risk taking is encouraged?
  7. Do you feel safe communicating your ideas and opinions with your co-workers and management?
  8. Does the staff believe they are treated fairly and with respect?
  9. Do you feel the owners and managers communicate openly?
  10. Do you feel the owner cares about and encourages your professional development?
  11. Are your ideas are taken into account when decisions are being made for the food truck?

Analyzing the results of questions should help you identify which elements of staff trust (credibility, respect and fair treatment) your food truck is accomplishing and which areas you need to improve in.

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The Bottom Line

Push hard to gain the trust of your employees since staff trust is pivotal if you want to run a successful food truck. If you ever want to be able to step away from the everyday operations of your truck, you need to create a workplace where your employees feel appreciated. Food trucks with high staff trust can certainly use this as a competitive advantage in attracting and keeping great staff members.

What level of staff trust does your food truck have? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter